Andrew and Maria’s 5th Order Polarity Play

IEC Conference: 2023-pending

Come bring some playful aliveness to the ways you’re living in an either-or world. We can articulate many of our 3rd-to-5th Order shadows as ways in which we, without knowing or being conscious of it, create and organize our selves by splitting our lives into positive and negative polarities: what we affirm and allow ourselves to be, what we dis-identify with and disallow for ourselves, and how these get thrust out onto others. With a light and laughing touch, we’ll use this opportunity to surface some of these polarities and seeming contradictions and breathe some new life into them. The aim is towards a more fluid and free expression in the world, the liberation of our own possibilities for being in the world, and to learn along the way how our embodied mind-brains, in a real and practical way, create the possibilities we navigate as the world.



Background in cognitive neuroscience and digital system development.
Community builder of movements such as transhumanism, biohacking, Syntheism/ post-atheist religion.
Trained as an Integral Facilitator® and Embodied Facilitator, as well as with tantric adultification.
I love playing with complexity.


United States / Belgium

Andrew Venezia is one of the world’s leading researchers and experimenters with intersubjective awareness practices, particularly at the intersection of relational and awakening practices, and in bringing awakened collective states to real-world applications. He is a dad, poet, artist, psychedelic shaman, coach, consultant, writer, speaker, holds a master’s degree in Integral Theory, and is working on midwifing an Integral Tantric Culture.

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