Reclaim your Inner Throne

IEC Conference: 2023-pending

The Breakthrough Process from Reclaim your Inner Throne is an entirely unique process work modality.

It operates on the same principles as family constellations, though is a much more directive experience, with the specific outcome of one person reclaiming his or her “Inner Throne”.

After an embodied teaching session on the underlying archetypal theory, the whole group will have the great privilege to support ONE person through this rite of passage, which has the power to permanently change lives in just one hour.

This powerful psycho-technology is a ritual tour de force of shadow integration and of reclaiming & harmonizing your power and heart.

You will be taken into an archetypal landscape where the Magician, Warrior and Lover join forces to bring order to the psyche and summon the blessing of the King/Queen.

The Breakthrough Process is an entertaining, challenging, and life-affirming experience where your failing life strategies will be exposed in vivid and intricate detail, and completely new doors of perception and possibility will open.

You will leave this workshop inspired and alive, for the Reclaim your Inner Throne Breakthrough Process tends to live up to its name.



After setting up in 2009, a website where he analyzed movies through an archetypal-integral lens, Eivind unexpectedly found himself a leading voice in the area of men and masculinity.

In 2014, he founded Reclaim your Inner Throne, where he applied innovative methods of powerfully releasing people’s potentials, and watched it become a popular rite of passage for men internationally.

He joins us at the IEC to demonstrate what he’s learned.

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