Shadow Busters: Group Process

IEC Conference: 2023

Enough talk, let’s make it real! In this workshop we provide the opportunity to visit a Shadow Busters group. This process is dedicated to sniff up shadows and integrate them.

The underlying principle is that we all manifest our patterns and projection in every encounter and in the here and now. The best way to find our shadow is therefore to get a bunch of vigilant people (who want to find their own shadow elements) in a room with a couple of experienced guides and let things play out. Our role as guides is to make sure that in the end there are no loose ties, unintegrated shadows or unresolved situations – and to put what’s happening into a meaningful and useful framework.

This workshop is for self-responsible, emotionally sane people. It’s for you if you want to truly get to know your dark side, for good or bad.

If you want all this, we are happy to meet you and work with you!



Silas lives with his girlfriend and two children near Basel, Switzerland. He is self-employed as a craftsman. Having gone through a rigorous Integral Life Practice he started leading groups in body- and shadow work in 2012. Today he is responsible for the Integral Forum Switzerland, training new coaches for Integrales Leben and coaching business leaders for IntegralWorks AG. He is author of the book ‘Integral Bodywork’. At the IEC he is an active creator and supporter of the Shadow Track.

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