Integral Cosmic Heart:

Rooted in silence moved by love – a new Europe can emerge

Europe faces many challenges at the present moment, being part of a world in transition. Looking at it in depth, we recognize an evolutionary crises. In essence it’s about a shift in consciousness from separation into Oneness as Not-Two. Being rooted in silence and moved by love we can find solutions to the problems we have today in Europe. Each moment is an invitation for all of us to the power of being a conscious human being, that is able to co-create a new Europe – a new world – rooted in Prior Unity. We begin right now!


Annette Kaiser is a spiritual teacher and a visionary of an Universal Spirituality. She is devoted to transconfessional and transcultural evolutionary spirituality, which implies an open aware state of being as a natural expression of an integral way of living. This is leading into Universal Spirituality and Universal Cooperation as Not-Two. She sees the 21st century as a call for us to recognise itself as inseparably One, co-creating a new culture in collective wisdom and love of One Heart.

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