Become a volunteer for IEC 2023!

Join an inspiring, international team of integral enthusiasts. Help us make this event a success and become a part of the IEC team!

Biggest European Social Mixer


General: volunteers receive a 50% reduction on the price of the ’Basic Ticket’ for their own region.

In order to receive the volunteer discounts, volunteers are expected to work at least 50% of the main conference, that is 2 full days, and one half day. That enables volunteers to take part in programs in the other half of the time. Please know, that if you are a volunteer you need to do your job as a volunteer, otherwise the conference would cripple. That is why we offer the half-half option so that volunteers can also freely take part in certain days.

All volunteers are expected to be available for service during any of the main conference days Wednesday to Sunday, and we have some tasks during the preparation, on Monday and Tuesday.

Volunteers may give preferences for service days / conference days.
We will consider your wishes, and try our best in optimizing it, and please note, that we cannot guarantee a desired slots, it depends on the availability of all others too.

Benefits and finances
General: you as a volunteer receive a 50% reduction on the price of the ’Basic Ticket’ for their own region.

On top of that for the days of volunteering we provide a daily staff lunch + staff dinner.

During the time of volunteering, we arrange volunteer stays, 2 person in one room, close to the location of the event.
For the days of volunteering and even other IEC days you can stay at the volunteer lodge, that offers a really affordable low price to stay, € 25 instead of € 80 (Hotel Azur, with double accommodation).


You should speak good English. If your language skills are severely limited, your chances are lower, still, we may consider your application if we can find a suitable position for you.

Basic-tech savviness
If you are a technician and know about dealing with presenter equipment, it helps.

Service-mindset and intrinsic motivation
You should be able to connect to the purpose of the conference and be motivated from that place to serve it to the best of your abilities. A feeling of enthusiasm, love, gratitude, or similar inspirations towards the integral movement, or it’s representatives, like Ken Wilber’s work, or some others devoting their lives to spread this. A sense that you want the people of the integral world to meet, and spread this thinking in the world. We, the IEC organizers do all conferences based on this feeling and motivation.

No hidden motivations
Those people are not welcomed to volunteer, who half-hearted, and who just want to save money on the conference fee, and find an easy way in and then not work fully in the agreed frame. For saving money apply for scholarship. Only apply to volunteer if you are inspired to work together in serving the Integral European Conference and everything that this is connected to it beyond this singular event, the global integral world.

Integral leadership skills
An integral (yellow and not green) approach: good self-organizing and flexibility in leading and being led. Functionality. We are looking for people who are attentive, self-organized and able to do what they are asked to do. If you get your task, you do it, and you lead on doing it, if you need to instruct others. Following instructions, giving instructions in a no game, normal, flexible way, to act on behalf of the whole. Leader and executer are not fixed roles of identity but functions to accomplish for the higher common good, and we take full responsibility on the job (tasks) that we get and do it, thus we serve. Our reliability is the expression of our love, gratitude, evolutionary purpose.

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