A truely integral conference for the transformation of the world. 

What does the term "integral" mean? What is Integral Theory behind it? What is the concept and style of the Integral European Conferences?

The Integral European Conferences are the main global gatherings of the internationl integral community.

We unpack the full potential of the integral approach, fleshing out the shared vision with new findings, applications, research and experiential processes to accelerate change in the world. Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory is the shared reference point and other apporaches of integral consciousness are also welcome.

Biggest European Social Mixer

1. Biggest European Social Mixer for Integralists

The conference is the biggest Integral Social Mixer of the year. We want to give the stage to as many people as possible so that everyone gets a chance to show up and be heard. We also design it to be a deeply human event where people talk, dialogue, listen and really meet each other. Creating plenty of space for that participants enjoy connecting, share smiles and hugs, dance, laugh and enjoy the mild spring breeze and gaze into the stars together at the open sky evening party. So new contacts, communication channels and friendships can form and conversations that needs to happen can happen. Having real human encounters is a key to real world integral initiatives and successful cooperations, a factor much needed and not to be forgotten in a digitalized online era.

2. Centauric format

The centaur is a symbol representing the seamless integration of body and mind.

Our collective-exterior (or “lower-right quadrant”) is the realm of the systemic-structure of the conference that defines and creates the field. We use and experiment with formats that allow a lot of heart and mind exchange, ranging from scientific discussion through short spotlight-presentations to deeper transformative processes, evening socializing as well as cultural and community rituals. We say goodbye to solely intellectual conferences and are eager to experiment with creating a truly integral format that has a lot of fun and we-space buzz.



Contributions are made in the followin formats:

  1. Academic Presentations on research, ciritics, applications
  2. General Presentation on application and practice
  3. Workshops for experiencials, transformation, healing, practice
  4. Artistic offerings, painting,  music, dance, poetry, etc
  5. Poster presentations

Emphasis on Community / We-space

We place a special emphasis on caring for a rich we-space. One of the biggest values of this conference is the face-to-face time (not Facebook time) that people will be able to have.

We want people to talk, listen, dialogue, meet, greet, hug, smile, dance, laugh and enjoy the mild spring breeze and gaze into the stars together at the open sky evening party. We create plenty of space for that, so that new contacts, communication channels and friendships can form.

Without a real human bond it is difficult to create large-scale (or even small-scale) real-world projects and initiatives

organized around common integral purposes or values (which often are facing ignorance or even resistance in the cultural mainstream).

Therefore, the evenings are dedicated to deeper whole-community events in various styls, like free evening socializers, Boat-Party, tribal dancing and drumming, Gulyás-Party, international constellation process, gala dinner. After the conference an Integral Sightseeing Tour add-on for a 3-day enchanting sightseeing around the country and Budapest with fellow conference members. Join us in this adventure!

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