The Integral European Conferences are the main gatherings of the global integral world,  held every 2 years in Europe:
IEC1 in 2014, IEC2 in 2016, IEC3 in 2018, IEC4 in 2020. 
In between these big IEC-s there are smaller interval conferences called IEC Regatherings, in May 2017 and May 2019.

The next conference is IEC4 in May 26-31, 2020.

700 people – 50 countries – 5 continents  – 200 presentations – 15 keynote speakers – 80 experiential workshops – preconf trainings – postconf sightseeing tour – 6 days core iec,12 days all programs.

   Full program: 22 May – 3 June

Call for presentations will be out by July 2019 in our newsletter
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Registration for participation will open in September 2019,
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Keynote Speakers of the previous IEC 3 in 2018

Ken Wilber
Religion: Evolution’s Ally or Enemy? (Live Stream)


Meditation and Ethics for an Integral World


Integral Christianity and Universal Spirituality

Susanne Cook Greuter

The Higher Stages of Ego Development

Olen Gunnlaugson

with the We-Space World

Diane Musho Hamilton

The Zen of Collective Evolution


The Father of Near-Death Experiences comes to Integral!


The Enlightened Workplace: Reinventing Organizations. (Live Stream)

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Purpose Agents as Allies of Evolution: How to Work, Earn, and Live For Purpose!

Joachim Galuska

The Integral Clinic of The Future Founder of Europe’s Leading Psychosomatic Hospital

Doshin Nelson Roshi

Integral Zen in Europe

Thomas Steininger

The Founder of Evolve Magazine The Higher We


A New Republic of the Heart: Why Integral Activism is Needed?


How is the Higher We unfolding?

John Dupuy

The Practice of Evolution: A Life of Practice

Sections of the conference

Sections of the conference were

Bring your contributions in the following tracks!


Integrally informed scientists and researchers present their findings. We focus on highlighting contributions with a clear reference to and appropriate grasp of key integral concepts. Current research and criticism is welcome. The Academic stream is peer reviewed in the traditional manner with an Academic Committee, which is comprised of international scholars.  


Present the use of integral theory in different areas of life, or developing new theoretical contributions. How is integral theory applied in diverse felds of practices like psychology, spirituality, coaching, business, organizational live, medicine, ecology, business, politics, gender issues, arts, etc. Refelcting on the current societal and political state of Europe and the world.


Let’s not only think together but experience playful or deep transformational group processes, we-space practices. With psychotherapeutic refinment and spiritual depth, using constellation, psychodrama, somatic work and dance we explore how to be together in new integral ways, “second-tier, “level 6”, “yellow”, „teal“, etc.


Art is more than just decoration or design, it is a powerful gateway to transform our consciousness transmitting the state of consciousness of the skilled artist, challenging our identity, opening up new horizons or confronting us with the immediacy of our subjective experience. Art, painting, music, spiritual chants, perfomance.


Teal (Integral) organizations track. This time we put a special emphasis on the topic area of emerging integral or “teal” organizations as key drivers for transformation across many areas of society. A team organized by ‘Enlivening Edge: News from Next- Stage Organizations’ will curate this track.


Present your work from various tracks in the form of a poster. It is visible all the time. Summarizing your work on a poster and have people see it for a whole week! Posters will be hanged on display walls on the way to the restaurant so everybody will pass them. The IEC therfore features a constant poster-exhibition.

Every one of us craves to be part of something bigger.

Something magical.

Something almost revolutionary.

IEC is more than a conference – every IEC is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.





Thank you for helping to set a new standard for this type of conference. For now, know that you are in my heart and that I am very excited to see what happens next.  Joran, United States 

I appreciate the time, effort, care, and all around dedication to evolving consciousness and reinventing Europe and the world that this conference represents. I know that I can’t fully know the stress (and joy), and I’m grateful you did this. I really loved being there. With love, Jordan, United States

Thank you for a wonderful conference..!  Uffe, Denmark

I hope you are a bit more relaxed after all the hectic days of the conference. Everything was wonderful and you did an excellent job, so congrats!! Thanks a lot.  Marco Antonio, Spain

Dear Bence, Dear IEC Team, I’m still overwhelmed and full of thankfulness for these 8 days together with you in Siófok and also for the 3-day trip. Thank you once again for your fantastic work and preparation and hospitality. I’ll never forget it. Greetings to you, Niklaus, Switzerland

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