What is Integral Theory?

When we say “integral” we are referring to Integral Theory, or AQAL, as pioneered by the contemporary American philosopher Ken Wilber. AQAL is an acronym that stands for a holisitic approach embracing

  • all Quadrants (dimensions of reality)
  • all Levels (of Development)
  • all Lines (of Development)
  • all States (of Consciousness, but also other states)
  • all Types (such as personality types, but also other types)

There are many other integral theories by other authors worth exploring. We at IEC find Ken Wilber’s model to be the most refined and encompassing theory available. As such it is a good minimum standard to cover the most essential ingredients and provide a shared language.


AQAL – Integral Theory Ken Wilber  – Overview by Steve Self


Introductory article

“An Overview of Integral Theory – An All-Inclusive Framework for the 21st Century” written by Sean Esbjörn Hargens, MetaIntegral Foundation

We would love to offer this introductory article as a central resource translated into as many European languages, as possible. If you can help by offering a high quality translation (or have already done a translation), please contact us. Merci! Gracias! Danke schön!

Web resources

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American integral content portal with videos, audios, interviews, texts:


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