Regathering – 2019 – Vienna

Regathering 2019 in Vienna The international integral community has expressed a great need to meet and share regularly, and to meet that need, in 2017 we organized the first interval event, the IEC Regathering, holding it between the big IEC events of 2016 and 2018. The aim was to offer a shorter, highly co-creative forum […]

The Zen of Our Shared Evolution – Diane Musho Hamilton

The Zen of Our Shared Evolution „Spiritual practice is so helpful because it helps us to dissolve identity and identify with something greater than ourselves.” Diane Musho Hamilton Those of you who could be envolved in Diane Musho Hamilton’s interactive keynote speech at IEC surely have memories of experiencing the different levels and states of […]

Regathering place and date

IEC Regathering 2019: announcing date and location We are excited to announce the date and location of the IEC Regathering 2019 in Vienna, Austria. Mark the date in your calendar!   Date: 24-26 May, 2019 + Tour (info comes soon!) Location: Krainerhütte Conference Hotel & Spirit Park  Address: Helenental 41, 2532 Rosental, Austria 2.5 days Friday […]

full movie of the 2018

Full Movie of IEC 2018 The full movie of the 2018 IEC is here! Watch key moments, listen what people say, see what happened! Roger Walsh, our keynote speaker says: “IEC-s have become the world’s premier integral gathering: it is a smaller United Nations experience! Here you just cannot have boring conversations! A global place […]

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