Integral Yoga Meditation

Integral Yoga Meditation is a spiritual path. It combines & integrates body, breath & spirit to a holistic way of practice. Asanas, mindful breathing, praṇayama, chanting, recitation, silent meditation, walking meditation, darśan are all part of its path. This integrative practice is the groundwork and preparation for yoga/ samādhi. In this morning workshop, we will […]

Landing: embody your current potentialized state

Landing is a condensed, personalized inner movement (or ‘practice’) to care for our body/mind/spirit, get into ideal state, remove blocks, and arrive fully here. We will start with splitting into pairs and having some rounds of shares that we have found support landing (good news, moods, etc). From there, there is an open space for […]

Harmonious Universe: Music, Movement & Mindfulness

HARMONIOUS UNIVERSE is a mindful movement album written by Haley Dawn. After 15 years of bringing programs to young people internationally, Haley transformed her FLY curriculum into a musically led practice.  Haley has led workshops & listening parties for humans of all ages to discover the deeper messages & meanings embedded in the music. She […]

Integral Church

Integral Church is a network of communities actively building a religion of the future — one that embraces both science and spirit, history and mythology, nature and technology, contemplation and action. Integral Church is home for those who identify with more than one faith tradition as well as the “spiritual but not religious” or religiously […]

Embodied Yoga – Flow, We Space and Relaxation

This series of Embodied Yoga morning practices will offer care and nourishment for the body so we can thrive throughout the day at IEC. As we listen, engage, network and inspire at IEC our bodily needs can easily be forgotten. Embodied Yoga offers bodily care and creates a container in which we can be with […]

Authentic Living

Through meditations, live music, silent connecting, sense-based exercises & intimate dialogues, James will guide you with gentle precision towards realising who you really, REALLY are, on the deepest level. From that ‘place’ of clarity and openness, you will begin to acknowledge the unconscious fear-based patterns, self-beliefs and physical clenches that block you from expressing fully, […]

Awakening Morning Dance

Wake up and dance! Start the new day with bringing fresh energy into your body and a vibrant flow into your mind and spirit. We gently wake up stiff limbs with breath, awareness and movement. You will find an open space with 30 minutes of inspirational music. Let your creativity energize you and your wild […]

Morning chanting

I`ve practiced Buddhism in the Nichiren tradition, within the SGI (Soka Gakkai International) movement for 46 years. I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo every morning to ground the entire day. In this tradition the 9th consciousness is the pure cosmic life force of the universe, permeating all realities including our lives. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is activating this connectedness: the […]

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