Becoming a Teal-Org with the Integral Map

The aim of this workshop is to develop a new understanding of how sustainable transformation and change can be stewarded in organizations – with support of the Integral Map. The Integral Map has been developed by imu Augsburg and has been successfully used in the field of organisational development for more than 10 years. Participants […]

10,000 Peaceful Warriors – an embodied action team

Who will be at the forefront of the human response to the metacrisis? Well, us, of course… provided that we are fully present; that we act from love, awareness and perspective; and that we have trained rigorously. “In times of crisis we don’t rise to the level of our potential, we sink to the level […]

Integral’s Technology Problem: How Do We Grow Next

Integral’s Technology Problem: How Do We Grow Next The modern integral movement has been marked by late-adoption tendencies and the inability to innovate from the same ‘leading-edges’ of consciousness which we ostensibly espouse when it comes to technology. This tendency has endemic properties and must be addressed formally in order to support the involution necessary […]

The Dance of Life

You are warmly invited to join the Dance of Life. It is a playground to explore, as a group, the “unknownness” of the present moment and open to the awe of synchronicities within the collective and out. Although looking at this workshop from the outside, you may think it is an improvisation theatre. Participants may […]

A Lite Touch for I and We Upstretch

Christopher frames the essence of integral practice as Showing-UP, Acting-UP, Shaping-UP. Waking-UP and Growing-UP may be a consequence. In this session Christopher introduces Integral Critique. This is a lite touch method that is designed to stimulate fresh awareness, and the release of latent potential in any-context. Integral Critique was developed by Christopher to provide a […]

Embody Your True Self: Awaken through VR & beyond

We, at Infinity Speaks, are delighted to invite you to an interactive 3 hour pre-conference workshop. Given these intense times, the workshop’s purpose is to create spaces for people to connect more deeply with their true self, embody more inner peace and togetherness. There will be three journeys for each participant to experience: • An […]

Flowing Through Life: Flow in Daily Living

This workshop on “Flow” is designed for individuals within the integral community who are interested in practical techniques to improve their ability to be in the right state at the right time. The workshop will explore the concept of Flow, a state of complete immersion in a task, where time seems to fly by and […]

Discover Your Purpose at Tier 2 Consciousness

Awakening planetary consciousness starts with individuals like you and me. It starts with awakening our purpose in life. But the question is: Do you know what your life purpose is now? And how does it need to evolve to bring about the kind of change necessary for this global shift in consciousness? Well, as you […]

Let’s Clear Ancestral Debts

In this workshop, you will learn about debts ie. debt karma, experience a group energy-clearing of debt patterns and have a chance to receive mini 1-1 session. Debt patterns manifest as unpleasant emotional intensities and unwanted events in your life. Debt karma is a specific type of vibration that originates from the victim game, the […]

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