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Dear IEC Friends,

we keep monitoring the situation globally, as IEC is a global conference with visitors from all around the world. Today on the 26th of November it looks like most of us will either not be free from preventive restrictions by May 2021, or it is too uncertain if we will.

It is still uncertain when we will all be able to travel and gather safely again on a global scale, therefore we postpone the in-person IEC planned for 2021 to a later date.

New date for the Full Live IEC: 23-29 May 2022

The venue is the same, Hotel Azúr, Siófok, Hungary. We aim for a safe, beautiful, stable and shining full house IEC in a time when the planet collectively has finally got over the pandemic and life is back to normal. Hopefully a new and transformed normal, with more next stage evolutionary values in it.

In the meantime we continue to explore the opportunities given by the online space by organizing one of the major events of the integral community in 2021:

IEC Online 2021 – The Global Gathering: 19-23 May

IEC Online 2020 was a huge success: even more people attended than the live gatherings so far, over 1000 people registered from 56 countries. Also regionally: more people from Asian, Africa and Latin America joined than ever before.

We experienced a whole new level of global interconnectedness in the integral world, spending those inspiring 5 days together. So stay tuned for what is coming and reserve those days fully in your calendar!

We intend to offer meaning-making from a second tier perspective from some of the brightest minds, finding hidden solutions in this collective transformative process, experiential processes in breakout rooms, group lunches together to meet integral people internationally and also same-language speaking regional mates and much more!

One of our core principles is that people meet in real life to get the full experience of being human and connected, therefore the online conference is not a substitute for the live IEC, that is why we do the live event in Hungary in May 2022 and add the online global IEC as a rich extension, that bridges the live gatherings and also enables a lot of new people to join.

We are planning long-term and we are dedicated to organizing the live Integral European Conference in Hungary on 23-29 May, 2022. Therefore we kindly ask you to keep your booking until live IEC 2022. We will organize it, just like all IEC-s before, and we have already rebooked and contracted the hotel: so the venue is secured for May 2022.

New dates can be seen here, with all the pre-IEC, pre-conference, conference, and post-conference dates.

Your ticket is valid for our next live event, which means you’ll be able to participate in IEC 2022 for the 2020 prices.

We also invite you to participate in IEC Online 2021. To express our gratitude for your loyalty we offer you the ticket free of charge. We accept any donations though if you wish to support our 7 month organizing work, the conference costs, ensuring the continuation of IECs.

We are all in this together and we feel dedicated to keep organizing the main global gatherings of the integral world, serving its spread and connectedness.

Refund policy – Should you decide to ask for a refund for your IEC Live ticket, we offer a 50% refund as stated in our refund policy.

If you already bought your ticket to IEC, and you plan to come in 2022, your best option is not asking for a refund as like this:

1. You don’t lose anything
2. You come to IEC 2022 in the IEC 2018 prices, all others will come on a slightly higher price
3. As an extra bonus you can participate in May 2021 on the IEC Global Online gathering at no charge or a donation that you name. Others will join in fixed prices.
4. You support IEC-s to keep being and reward the organizers by not going down

We hope to see you all online in May 2021 and then at the live IEC in 2022!

We also wish to you and your family safety and good health, 

Bence Ganti and the IEC team


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