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Coffee, food, hotel for 6 days! + airport transfer, all pre-conference workshops, welcoming Boat Party dinner and concert!   +3-DAY SIGHTSEEING TOUR

The Full Experience Ticket with Tour includes:

Western regions: 1890 €

Southern regions: 1790€

Eastern regions: 1168 €

Integral Academy Students: 1479 €



Coffee, food  for 6 days, hotel for 5 days! + airport transfer, all pre-conference workshops, welcoming Boat Party dinner and concert!

The Full Experience Ticket includes:

Western regions: 1210 €

Southern regions: 1089 €

Eastern regions: 979 €

Integral Academy Students: 825 €


Coffee, food for 5 days, hotel for 4 days

NO EXTRAS (pre-conf workshops, welcoming boat party, dinner, concert, easy-to- get-to hotel)

The Basic Ticket includes:

Western regions: 1024€

Southern regions: 941 €

Eastern regions: 826 €

Integral Academy Students: 644 €


Just getting in


Minimal Ticket includes:

Western regions: 495 €

Southern regions: 412 €

Eastern regions: 297 €

Integral Academy Students: 115 €


One day entry to the conference, no food, no hotel

Day Ticket includes:

If you want to participate only on certain days, you can choose individual Day Tickets for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Two coffee breaks per day are included.

If you book Day Tickets, conference food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation at the conference hotel are not included.

Western regions: 132 €

Southern regions: 122 €

Eastern regions: 88 €

Integral Academy Students: 38 €


If you bought a ticket without tour and you want to add the tour later, or want to come only to the tour.

The Magical Mystery Tour is a 3-day, 4-quadrant event filled with unexpected and delightful twists and turns through the beautiful landscape of Hungary.

You will experience a “stages of consciousness” tour as you journey through magenta, red, amber, orange, green, and teal layers of European and Hungarian culture, and local integralists will share with you their individual and collective interiors, their stories and sagas.

Bence Gánti, master tour guide, will introduce you to places and people you most certainly would not have found any other way, and a professional tour guide will fill in the historical details of the cultural and spiritual sites you visit.

Traveling with you on the bus will be 65 conference participants, including 10 keynote speakers, and there will be many opportunities for building community with your fellow journeyers—sharing traditional mealsrelaxing in the spa, chatting on the bus—as well as opportunities to sink into a peaceful, pleasant space of your own while looking out the window or slipping away with your camera to catch a gold-rose Hungarian sunset.

See the tour ITINERARY here!

Without regions: 450 €


We follow European standards.
Prices shown are the actual prices you will pay.

There is no additional tax added, taxes are already included in the prices shown.
If you book through us, you are in safe amber and free from orange shadow.
No extra surprise fees or ripoffs at hotel, restaurant, or airport transfer.  


The Full Experience

Full experience conferencing includes 1. Exciting Pre-conference Workshops (May 22nd-23rd, Tues-Wed) – great learning opportunities! 2. A Welcoming Boat Party and Dinner with Spiritual Live Music (May 22nd, Tuesday evening 7-10 pm) taking place on a romantic boat cruising on Lake Balaton, launching from the hotel, and an additional and optional 3. Post-Conference 3-Day Integral Sightseeing Tour with fellow integralists through cultural, historical, and spiritual experiences in the Hungarian countryside and the capital city, Budapest.  Awesome new itinerary this year! Including visitation of local spiritual sites.

If you buy the full experience ticket (with tour or without), you get it in a cheaper bundle than buying items one by one. If you buy any of the cheaper tickets (Basic, Minimal, or Day Ticket), you can add these elements later as additional options for the standard list price. If you are not interested in the conference but only in the tour (for example, a spouse of a conferencer), you can also buy just the Tour ticket. 


On Tuesday, we will offer half-day and full-day pre-conference workshops. On Wednesday, we will offer half-day pre-conference workshops. A total of circa 20 workshops will be offered to choose from! Workshop presenter names and titles will be announced as the selection process proceeds. Decide if you want to be there and book your flight accordingly! With the full experience tickets you are all set: your hotel, food, and airport transfer (with lower-than-online- and-street prices) is secured with regard to the pre-conference workshops. If you buy cheaper tickets, you can always add this item on as an extra at the prices shown below.

Western regions: 60 €

Southern regions: 45 €

Eastern regions: 35 €

Integral Academy Students: 35 €


The first grand socializing event of IEC 2018 will be on a breathtakingly beautiful boat trip departing on Tuesday evening from next to the hotel at Lake Balaton. Come and unleash the grand socializing experience with a dinner on the water and enjoy live spiritual music and a welcoming ceremony on the lake! If you buy the full experience ticket, this is included, if you buy cheaper tickets (Basic, Minimal, Day), you can add this item as an extra at the prices shown below.

(The hotel provides the food on the boat as the dinner of that day, therefore food is included for those staying at the hotel with full experience tickets. For other guests with Basic, Minimal, or Day tickets, an additional 13 € is to be paid upon registration at the boat for the dinner. Drinks are not included in the price, non-alcoholic options are available.)

All zones: 55 €


Enhance and deepen your conference experience by touring for 3 days through beautiful Hungary with integral friends, after the main conference has ended. You will tour the countryside and enjoy amazing outdoor sites, natural parks, historic must-see places, and encounter the local spirituality. Integral insiders lead the tour with an integral mindset, where pre-modern, modern, and post-modern places and elements are elegantly combined into a great communal experience. Some star keynote speakers will join the tour and we will become one tribe for the journey. Hotel + breakfast for the 3 days are included in the price and don’t have to be booked extra. The tour starts on the 28th of May, Monday at 9 AM, departing from the Azur Hotel, and ends around 5 PM in downtown Budapest, Wednesday, May 30th. It’s best to book your flight home anytime on Thursday, May 31st, or on Wednesday, May 30th with a 7 PM take off or later. For details, see our upcoming tour brochure! The tour is cheaper with the “Full Experience with Tour” ticket but can also be added to any ticket for the list price shown below.
See the tour ITINERARY here!

All zones: 450 €

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