The Chaos Emerging from the Middle East

How to design an Integral plan to deal with refugees in Europe

Can Europe integrate the endless flow of refugees or would this be the issue that challenges the diverse values of the continent and leads to its breakup? Do these countries have a robust understanding of the values of these refugees and can design effective integration policies? 

The humanitarian refugee crisis that has inundated Europe’s borders for the last 3 years needs a long term solution. Political stability in the Middle East continues to elude regional and world leaders. International laws are being tested by internal pressure as the scale of this humanitarian catastrophe creates stress on each country’s internal structures.

Would these stresses lead to the disintegration of the European Union or would non-European refugees add to the rich mosaic of European culture? In this presentation Ms. Maalouf will provide working knowledge of the Memetic profiles of Syrian refugees, the Middle East and Islam in general. She will provide insights on conditions that create radicalization, and what needs to be done to pacify it. You will also gain insights into the modern history of Syria, and the dictatorial characteristics of the Assad family that lead to the Syrian civil war. You will also learn about the challenges facing the Middle East in the long term.


Elza Maalouf is an author, speaker and consultant. Pioneered the use of Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory in the Middle East. Expert on the Memetic evolution of Islam.

Founder of the Center for Human Emergence Middle East and the Build Palestine Initiative. President of Integral Insights Consulting Group. Member of the Evolutionary Leaders. Prolific author whose work appears in the Huffington Post, Kosmos Journal, Spanda Journal, and Integral Leadership Review. She has spoken on the evolutionary nature of Middle Eastern values at the United Nations, The Israeli Knesset, Fatah Headquarters, and ITC 2015. Her book Emerge! is a guide to the future of the Mideast.

For more than a decade, Elza has worked closely with renowned geo-political expert, co-author of Spiral Dynamics theory Dr. Don E. Beck. Elza played a critical role in advancing Beck’s work and further defining the cyclical elements for large-scale emergence in societies. In 2008, Dr. Beck and Ms. Maalouf presented a proposal for a new branch of psychology to the American Psychological Association, called Large Scale Psychology – the design for the emergence of cultures.

Presented by: Dr. Don E. Beck, Elza S. Maalouf, Teddy Hebo Larsen, Said E. Dawlabani and Bence Ganti

You have a rare opportunity now to learn Spiral Dynamics from its creator, Dr. Don Beck! His highly experienced colleagues have been successfully working with this model for decades in the corporate and business world as CEO, president, executive coach, organizational development expert, political advisor, and educator.

Just a few days before the Integral European Conference Dr. Beck and his colleagues offer a 3-day Level I Certificate Spiral Dynamics fundamentals course designed for people who wish to understand the Graves-Beck Framework in its pure form and learn personally from the originator of the model.

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