Fullness, Emptiness, Erotic Abundance

IEC Conference: cancelled

#TigerLighteningHaikuPhotography – out of which these photos have been selected – is a decade-plus attempt to make fine, contemplative art with the simple lenses of smartphones, minimally processed and edited, if at all. The photos selected here highlight some of my favorite subjects and techniques: using under-lit subjects and movement to create patterns of light and color, using framing and negative space to highlight human & natural abundances, finding beauty in the mundane and the mundane in beauty, finding otherworldly or uncommon perspectives on what is familiar, and creating familiarity with what is alien. The effect, at least as I intend, is to point out and induce with beauty that awareness which is always available, at once dreamlike and ordinary.



Andrew Venezia (M.A., Integral Theory) is one of the world’s leading researchers and experimenters with intersubjective awareness practices, particularly at the intersection of relational and awakening practices, and in bringing awakened collective states to real-world applications. He is a dad, lover, poet, cook, artist, psychedelic shaman, teacher, speaker, writer, coach, consultant, and dude, and works on midwifing an Integral Tantric Culture.