Toscana II.
May 26, Friday
11:30 – 13:30
Budapest (CEST)

Integral Journalism

IEC Conference: 2023

Quality journalism enables millions of people to get an idea of ​​the world and thus enables our democratic society. Sadly, our current — mostly orange — journalism has many harmful side effects, such as narrow-mindedness, negative focus, fearmongering, and cynicism. All of this makes people mentally and physically ill, normalizes an unhelpful discourse culture and gives questionable incentives for legislation and careers in politics.

Integral journalism is designed to shift that. It fuses techniques from blue, orange, and green journalism with methods from psychology, neurology, and systems theory — such as AQAL, polarity management, polyvagal theory, narration theory or Theory U. The main goal is to make journalism more socially beneficial. Sub-goals are to contribute to a co-creative discourse culture, to report with more empathetic depth and to narrate the emergence of future politics, economy, and society in a constructive, empowering way.

In this fun and wide-ranging keynote, Stefan Schultz, SPIEGEL reporter and founder of the Institute for Integral Journalism, will give a brief overview on a more teal model of journalism and its first manifestations in the media landscape.



Born in 1980, two sons. Studied media culture, politics and British literature in Hamburg and Lisbon. Reporter for Germany’s SPIEGEL magazine. Former correspondent in San Francisco, New York and Beijing. Reports and analyzes from all over the world. Author of several books. Lecturer in multimedia storytelling. Winner of the Ernst Schneider Prize and the Georg Holtzbrinck Prize. Founder of the Institute For Integral Journalism.