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The Integral European Conference is a fantastic opportunity to get in touch and engage with amazing people. Here’s an overview about what you can do to deepen your engagement with IEC.

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Apply to present your work

Apply to present at IEC 2016 in Hungary and put yourself onto the European Integral map. We invite all integral scholarspractitionershealerstherapistsartists and experts on integral organizations from around the globe to hand in their applications.

Become a volunteer

Apply to volunteer at IEC. All volunteers receive at least 50% reduction on their conference fee and join an inspiring, international team of enthusiasts. Help us make this event a success and become a part of the IEC team!

Join our crowdfunding for IEC 2016

In order to enable the core team to create the next IEC in 2016 we need fuel in the tank. Please support us financially so that the Integral World can gather again live in Europe! All donors will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD coupon for the IEC 2014 Material Bronze package.

Become an official sponsor for IEC 2016

Associate your company with our powerful IEC brand by becoming an official conference sponsor for IEC 2016. Reach hundreds of cultural changemakers and visionaries. Please get in touch with our team to learn more.

Apply for scholarship

We have decided to offer a few scholarship seats for those among you who definitely should be there with us, but currently don’t have the financial means to make it happen.

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