• which quadrant, which AQAL element, which ILP module? This will not be published but used in the selection process.
  • How to apply

    Please use this online application form only and don’t send applications in email or other channels.

  • Deadlines

    Application dedaline is the 30th of September, 2019. For Send in your application and abstracts by November 30th, 2019. Later submissions may be reviewed but the likelihood of admission drops after the September 30 deadline, since 85% of the available slots will be taken. We will keep a 15% space open for those who notice the opportunity of presenting at IEC later. 

    After the application proposal is accepted, academic authors are requested to submit a 2000 word academic paper, that's about 4 single spaced pages till December 31st, 2019

    If you want to submit a full draft of an article (pre-publication) you can send it in addition to the 2000 word Presentation Paper by 31st of January, 2020. If you apply as academic presentater and you already have a paper, you can sumbit it along with your application till the 30th of September

  • Notification

    Notification of acceptance or rejection will occur by November, 2019 or as soon as possible after a late submission. Should any questions arise you can contact​

  • Terms and conditions for presenters​

    All slots will have admission fee reductions. Depending on the slot the applicant is given, he or she will get a certain percentage of reduction on the conference fee, but not on food or accommodation costs in the conference hotel. Slots will be allocated after reviewing all the incoming applications and presenters will be notified by the reduction %.

  • Registering for the conference​

    All applicants are required to register for the conference separately through our webshop. So if we notify you to be admitted as a presenter, then go to the webshop and register with the code we send you that will apply the reduction on the conference fee. If you want to register earlier then you are notified, to secure your hotel room that fills up fast, then you can do that and we transfer back the amount of reduction iif your application is accepeted. Many people chose that in the last years.

  • IEC Awards for best contributions

    By submitting your proposals you also get the chance to win an award for the best contribution in any of these tracks. Additionally we will award the most dedicated integral community organizers. Winners will be announced on stage during the IEC Awards ceremony.

  • Audio and / or video recording

    By handing in your proposal, you automatically agree to grant us the right to document your contribution on photo, video or audio. If you don’t want your presentation to be recorded, please let us know when you hand in your proposal. By applying you also grant us the right to share and distribute any of the texts, images or slides that you use for your contribution.

  • We ask you to promote IEC in your list and FB page to help inviting people and to have a beautiful audience

    Since this is in our mutual best interest, as a contributor please reach out to your lists, FB pag(es), audince and get the word out. The integral world is not centralised so it doesn’t have one email list. It is many circles all over the world, like yours, ours and many others. Therefore the IEC audience builds up from these circles of which you might be a member or leader already. It is essential that your circle knows about IEC4, because it is the world gathering of the integral world, providing a larger context for all of us. If you are admitted we send you more help in that, but you can do it also intuitevly form the flow. We truely appreciate your work and thank you for your cooperation in creating a more conscious, more integral world and make IE4 a real success for all of us!

  • I have read and understood the above and agree to the terms and conditions.

    If you press SUBMIT, you cannot come back and edit your form, it is finalized and we review it.

    If you press SAVE AND CONTINUE then you still can come back and edit everything, but we can’t review it yet.

    If you have filled out and uploaded everything what you wanted: DO SUBMIT!

    Your application is official ONLY if you hit SUBMIT, make sure you keep the deadline.

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