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Wilber – Grof – Laszlo – Ganti – Laloux –– Walsh – Cook-Greuter – Beck, and many more

1. Ken Wilber: Integral Reflection On Europe

2. Laszlo Ervin: Why We Need Integral Thinking today?

3. Dr. Don Beck: The Spiral Dynamics Master Code in Action

4. Stanislav Grof: Making Spiritual Experiences Acceptable and Legal

5. Bence Ganti: Personal Sharing and Message from IEC founder (Opening Speech)

6. Roger Walsh: Essential Spirituality and Integral Ethics

7. Susanne Cook Greuter: Higher Stages of Human Nature

8. Frederic Laloux: Message from Laloux For IEC 2016

9. Veronica Bohac-Clarke: – Doctoral Studies in Integral Theory


10. Bence Ganti: How Integral Academy Hungary Applyies Integral Principles its Transformative Adult Education?

11. Elke Fein: Vladimir Putin as a Political Leader from a German Integral Analysis

12. Cécile Cassini: – Integral Politics in Switzerland

13. Elza Maalouf: Spiral Dynamics on Islam, ISIS and EU

14. Erwin van Waeleghem: Integral Teal Practices in Belgian Police Force

15. Said Dawlabani: If Capitalism is Dead, then What? Towards a New Economy

16. John Freeman: Integral Capitalism: A four quadrant, multi-level approach

17. Paddy Pampallis: Integral Ubuntu for Europe & Africa


18. Dennis Wittrock: A Message from IEC co-founder (Opening Speech)

19. Erica McKenzie: Coming Back from Death, Sharing a Direct Experience from Spiritual Realms

20. Joran Oppelt: Integral Church, The Path and Practice of Pluralism

21. Miklós Danka: A Brain Up From Eden: Wilberian Levels in Integral Neuropsychlogy

22. Yvonne Cuneo: Findhorn is Scottland – A Living a Spiritual Community Experiment

23. Gaia Orion: From Visionary Art To Integral Art

24. Harald S. Harrung: High Mind-Brain Development in World-Class Performers

25. iAwake technologies: Heart Meditation Brainwave Music (Anahata track)

The Integral European Conference is providing one of the most sophisticated, up-to-date, genuinely Integral (not pretenders), most exciting source of fundamental and leading-edge Integral ideas and practices to be found anywhere in the world.

Ken Wilber

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