Types of programs we’ll have



Integrally informed scientists and researchers present their findings. Peer reviewed with an Academic Committee of international scholars.

Use of integral theory in different areas of life, and developing new theoretical contributions in psychology, healing, business, society. Reflecting also on current societal and political issues of Europe and the world.


Bringing experiential processes to a Zoom space during the coronavirus lockdown period is a whole new and exciting experiment that many of the IEC presenters and process facilitators happily undertake. From instructions, to the whole group, to breakout sessions, we will try out transformational processes, learn new skills, and share interiors in a deeper way. There are a colorful variety of topics that will be in focus during these workshops from facilitators, trainers, teachers, and therapists of the integral world. Circling and different shadow work modalities will be featured, among the other offerings.

Circling is a new, popular group conversation practice, where the focus is on the radical here and now, in which we apply meditative awareness on what is happening between us and in us. We talk about that and only that. Exercising a deeply honest, non-judgmental integral way of being together, this mindful social presence is much needed for the evolutionary shift we often talk about. We need spaces where we can get decentralized and more connected, spontaneus and emergent.

The evolved teal and turquoise stages of personality aimed for by integral cannot be reached without deeper inner work, in which we uncover and process our individual and collective shadows to become more honest, liberated and connected. Experience shadow work on workshops from skilled facilitators in the integral community.


Where are you from, where are you sitting now on planet Earth, what do you do, and what is your experience of the coronavirus in your country? One of the best aspects of conferencing is socializing. These are rare and precious opportunities to meet so many people from all around the world with similar thinking and a similar worldview in such a condensed period of time.

Let’s continue socializing during lunch! Bring your meal to the lunchroom and have lunch together with interesting integral people. Lunchtime is a great chance to get to know people, meet the ones you have to meet, build connections, exchange cards, or relax together—whatever the great flow brings. Lunchrooms will turn to coffee bars during the breaks and even during presentation times, so you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and see who is in the coffee bar to relax and chat with.

During the presentations and workshops, facilitators will use the breakout rooms often. You’ll have the chance to meet people in various settings, too, during the more structured call times.

Spiritual Practices

Join morning sessions to start your day together with fellow integral folks. Different sessions will be offered, from silent meditation sitting with former Sayalay Anuttara, now Beth Upton who trained for ten years in the Burmese Theravada tradition, to other facilitators leading yoga sessions and other movement modalities.

This is not the amber / blue church, nor dogmatized integral. It is a pursuit of trying to create new spiritual communities from an integral vantage point—a global gathering for practitioners of Integral Spirituality, Wild Church, and Creation Spirituality. Using a framework based on the four paths of CS — via positiva, via negativa, via creativa, andvia transformativa– this virtual circle is a blend of embodiment, gratitude, silence, ritual, interactive chat, music, video, and meditation.


Isn’t it a crazy idea to do ecstatic dance on Zoom with a large number of people? Seriously? Yes, it is possible: Zoltan Kerenyi-Kiss, Integral Academy graduate and leader of the Hungarian Ecstatic Dance community will lead us in dancing with the community in the conscious space of ecstatic dance from home! The bare feet, no alcohol, no drugs policy enables a field of freedom, inclusivity, and self-expression, where your untamable free soul can express itself in this nonverbal communal space. Zoltan, also our DJ Metta, masterfully provides soul-stirring music after a guided movement meditation warms up participants. The tribal party ends with a relaxing sound bath experience.

Many integral singles yearn to be in a love relationship with an equal and opposite partner. Alas, we have very few opportunities to meet compatible 2nd tier people in our day to day lives. And if we do, they are often clients or patients that are off-limits. So there is no shame in having a secret hope or even open agenda to find/attract a life partner at a conference like IEC. In fact, several Integral couples met by chance or fate at such events. However, flirting or “hitting” on people can be awkward, embarrassing, and even inappropriate, and many of us are introverts who don’t even try. Martin Ucik author of Integral Relationships developed a safe, playful and relaxed way to give interested singles a chance to get to know each other. Up for the adventure?


Incredible visual artists will exhibit their psycho-active paintings in the lobby. A powerful gateway to transform our consciousness by transmitting states of consciousness!

Live music is an inherent part of the conference. Different musicians and even conference participants (!) will play and give concerts or short musical interludes, starting at the opening boat party and continuing on the main stage and gulyás and firewalk night. The gala dinner evening has an open mic stage, where anyone can come up and sing a song, play an instrument, recite a poem or dance!

A new (and the first) Ken Wilber movie is about to come out this year! Sebastian Siegel directed the movie Grace and Gritand joins IEC offering a pre-premier preview of the movie (more than the trailer) followed by a conversation between him and some surprise figures! Join this exciting event and see who will show up with the director to dialogue on integral art, film, and Ken’s story


For those with average financial standing.



For those with good financial standing, also reflecting a warm-hearted, giving attitude toward IEC and its organizers to stay healthy, survive the coronavirus period, and ensure the future of IECs.



For those who wish to generously support IEC, for which we are very grateful. Sponsors receive a promotion of their brand in return. Should you choose this ticket, we will contact you to discuss how best to promote you as our sponsor.



For those with modest financial standing, or who are struggling financially. If even the student ticket is too much for you and you honestly want to participate, please write us and we’ll figure out a minimal compensation to help you be there!



Frequently Asked Questions

First, purchase your ticket from the ticket shop. The week of the conference, you will get an email with all the necessary info, like login details, invitation to a closed Facebook group, and other details.


You can join the conference on Zoom via the internet, using your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For the best experience, we highly recommend you join with a laptop or PC — smartphones are less advantageous.


There will be multiple Zoom links assigned to parallel presentation and workshop rooms. You’ll find the map of these on the closed page for those who registered. Your personal entry will be in the email that you’ll get 1-3 days before the conference starts.

The only thing you need to do is check your email inbox during the week of the conference, when you’ll receive all the info and invitations you’ll need to participate.

As the IEC Online 2020 ticket options we are offering are already so reasonable, we are only offering the 4-day ticket. Tickets for shorter amounts of time are not available. You are welcome to join us for as short or long as you wish with these tickets.

In that case, we will reserve your registration for IEC 2021, and you will get the IEC Online 2020 Conference as a bonus for free! Request a coupon code at info@integraleuropeanconference.com . This is our thank you for keeping your registration and supporting IEC to be able to survive the coronavirus times and organize the next live conference in 2021.

Yes, all presentations will be recorded and made available for participants during the conference and afterwards for a limited time (30 days).

The time zone of the conference is set in Central European Summer Time (CEST), also called CET. Put BUDAPEST in the search if you need to put a city in a time zone converter, as IEC is mainly organized from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. 


Some references: Budapest is in the same time zone as Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam. It is 1 hour ahead of London, 6 hours ahead of New York, and 9 hours ahead of San Francisco; 2 hours behind Moscow, 6 hours behind Beijing, 7 hours behind Tokyo, and 8 hours behind Sydney. You’re more than welcome to join from anywhere on the globe!


In case you missed a presentation or workshop you’re interested in, you can easily rewatch the recorded version that will be made available for participants during and after the conference for a limited time (30 days).

Use the time zone converter to check your own schedule: 




All presentations and workshops will be recorded on several platforms and made available to participants during the conference. In this way, in your daytime (while Europeans are sleeping), you can watch what happened while you were sleeping, say in America or Asia. 


Also, you can watch these recordings after IEC Online ends, for a limited time till the end of June (30 days). So, you can participate, watch, or even rewatch all presentations and workshops on a schedule that suits you best. In this way, all participants, including Europeans, can watch all the rooms where they couldn’t go, because they were either away from the computer or participating in another room. Multiple rooms will run parallel, just as in a real life conference, just less in number. During the live IECs, we have 10 parallel rooms, here we have 4 to reduce complexity.

IEC Online starts on May 27th (Wednesday), at 7:00 PM CEST and ends on May 31st (Sunday) at 10:00 PM CEST. You’ll find the timeline of IEC Online here:


We redesigned the conference format, having less sessions and more breaks, to reduce screen time and balance it with breaks. Use the breaks, leave the screen! Then come back for the next session. Check out the timeline to understand the time structure.


Use the 90-minute big break after lunch to get away from your computer, go outdoors, get fresh air, and move your body. 


In any case, you are free to join and leave at any time. You can come part-time, too. As the IEC Online 2020 ticket options we are offering are already so reasonable, even with a sliding scale, we are only offering the 4-day ticket. Tickets for shorter amounts of time are not available, but you are welcome to join us for as short or long as you wish with these tickets.

AUDIO & VIDEO – In order for you to enjoy your presence fully and join conversations, you’ll need a microphone as well as a camera. Built-in cameras on laptops, tablets, and smartphones are fine; built-in microphones are usually not so fine, so for better audio we recommend using a headset with a microphone!


DEVICE – Laptops and PCs are better than smartphones (including iPhones) because the screen is bigger and you can see more people without having to scroll a lot, making the communal experience better. You’ll also have better access to Zoom control buttons. 


INTERNET – As for internet connection, it’s best to have stable, strong cable internet. Second best is strong wifi. Third (not so stable) are SIM cards. Usually, if you can watch videos on YouTube or video chat via Skype, you should have no trouble joining the conference.


ZOOM – Make sure you install Zoom on your device before IEC and try it out, test it!

During the morning and afternoon hours (CEST or Central European Summer Time zone), there will be 4 rooms streaming presentations and workshops in parallel, so you’ll be able to join one of the 4 at any given time. Later, you can (re)watch all presentations and workshops for 30 days after the end of the conference.

Yes, you may ask questions of the presenters during the presentations in the live stream or live Zoom chat. Each session will be hosted by a Zoom Tech Host and a Facilitator Host, and they will give instructions in the call / or in the info email on how to participate in an interactive way. Most sessions will be interactive.

If you don’t want to be seen and want to stay anonymous, just “sit and listen,” you can do that, too. In that case, you can keep your camera turned off and your microphone muted. Participation in interactive events and breakout rooms will be invitational, and you can decide. In the integral culture, we prefer real people with faces and real names with cameras on, but if for any reason you want to remain unseen, we can also appreciate that.

No. It focuses on the whole globe. IEC Online – just like the last two live IEC events – has grown into a global conference, as we have presenters and participants joining from all continents. This is a global gathering for the integral community and for all interested people from around the world.

If you have any other questions —

Please email them to us at info@integraleuropeanconference.com.

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