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4. Integral European Conference



Integral European Conference

The European Venue for the Global Integral World

Conference – May 26-31, 2020

Location: Hotel Azur in Siófok, at lake Balaton in Hungary

Sightseeing Tour with the Integral Community – Jun 01-03, 2020

Held every two years on the European continent, IECs are not only a huge social catalyst where international integral collaborations begin, enabling our human capital to grow, they also have a mission based on integral principles.

Meet the luminaries of the integral world!


Connect with the global scene and the creme of the integral community! Our key note speakers this year along with 200+ integral professionals.

Religion: Evolution’s Ally or Enemy? (Live Stream)

Meditation and Ethics for an Integral World

Integral Christianity and Universal Spirituality

The Higher Stages of Ego Development

with the We-Space World

The Zen of Collective Evolution

The Father of Near-Death Experiences comes to Integral!

The Enlightened Workplace: Reinventing Organizations (Live Stream)

She has brought Holacracy to Europe then she transcended it to something that fits people more: ENCODE!

The Integral Clinic of The Future Founder of Europe’s Leading Psychosomatic Hospital

Integral Zen in Europe

The Founder of Evolve Magazine The Higher We

A New Republic of the Heart: Why Integral Activism is Needed?

How is the Higher We unfolding?

The Practice of Evolution

Every one of us craves to be part of something bigger


Something magical

Something almost revolutionary. The truth is that IEC is more than a conference – every IEC is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here you can…

At this integral conference we’ll experience the next stage of Evolution


We need your knowledge

Our knowledge exchange as Allies of Evolution will affect the future of Europe and the World – in the fields of integral research, business, psychology, coaching, and many other areas of our lives. We need your passion. You (along with 600 other integral practitioners) will make IEC 2018 one of the most important events of 2018.

The greatest integral gathering in Europe


The Integral European Conference 2018 is the main integral conference in Europe, a must-attend.

If you’re an integral practitioner (scholar, coach, psychologist, author, businessman or woman, healer or anything else), then you’ll enjoy the presentations, the workshops, the art, the after-party and the post-conference “mystery tour.” Join the largest European conference, meet with 600 integral practitioners from all over the world – and get the latest insights from every area of integral theory and practice (such as politics, business, education, medicine, psychology, and more).
“The Integral European Conference is providing one of the most sophisticated, up-to-date, genuinely Integral (not pretenders), most exciting source of fundamental and leading-edge Integral ideas and practices to be found anywhere in the world.”

Is IEC 2018 for you?

The conference welcomes anyone interested in integral theory and practice and is especially good for you are:

Interested in Integral Theory

Integral practitioner

Integral scholar



Medical Doctor width open mind



Scientist and researcher


Spiritual teacher

Organizational developer

Holacracy or teal expert

Business leader

Social entrepreneur and change agent

What makes IEC 2020 a unique integral conference?


Workshops and community experience

We focus on the community and the experience, so every day you will also attend experiential and transformational spaces. Experiencial learning gives you a deeper understanding of concepts and creates important new relationships, maybe the most valuable ones for a long time.

A new perspective

Integral is here to stay. Integral theory will probably be the most important perspective in business, psychology, healing, and other areas – this conference is an intellectual and practical investment, the knowledge you gain will enrich your life and your career.

The latest research of integral theory

Put yourself in the forefront of integral! If you’re a professional or a scholar, then this is the place to go to be on the cutting edge.

Experience of a lifetime

IEC 2014, IEC 2016 and IEC 2018 was an experience we all want to relive. We’re determined to organize an even better conference in 2020. We are sure that you will carry the felt sense of it in your identity for a long time.

An affordable European conference

Most tickets include accommodation and meals and you re all covered with a reasonable price for the value. You can also use daily tickets if you come for only one or two days. As a volunteer, you’ll get a price reduction of at least 50% as a presenter you also get a reduction depending on the lenght of your contribution. If you’re a scholar but currently lack the financial means to buy a ticket, then apply for a scholarship ticket and let us help you getting in! See all options in the ticket shop, inlcuding scholarships!

Networking possibilities

If you’re an integral professional or an entrepreneur, this event is an important opportunity for you to network, to get exposure for your work, and to get to know your peers. And it is simply a thrilling buzz and a joy to be with so many people of quality, goodwill and smart evolutionary purpose!

Being part of something (r)evolutionary

You are part of something big here the revolution of consciousness: the next stage of evolution unfolding. People are allies of the evolutionary unfolding, dedicating ther lives and careers for that purpose. Come and explore with us all the different ways how we are doing it and present yours!

All-around agenda

Presentations and workshops will cover every area of integral theory. Get the latest academic research, learn the new integral business practice, immerse yourself in experiential workshops (healing, connection, and transformation), enjoy artistic events, teal, and poster tracks. We offer programs for every taste.

“The IEC was moving, enlightening and fun, and happened in high-tech venue with amazing people making the whole gathering a highlight in my long conference experience. Everything was beautifully tended to in terms of organization. There was so much to learn, exchange and celebrate with integral folks from all over the world: workshops, discussion forums, keynote presentations, and encounter rituals. And let’s not forget boat and gulyas parties, and just hanging out with each other in vibrant discussions and joy.”

What was past IEC-s like?

Watch the short 3-minutes trailers!


“The IEC was a memorable experience. A get-together of true soul-mates, joining together to pool their spirit, their creativity, and intention to create a better world – for themselves, for humankind. A wonderful event with wonderful people, wonderfully organized.”

Sections of the conference

Bring your contributions in the following tracks!

Integrally informed scientists and researchers present their findings. We focus on highlighting contributions with a clear reference to and appropriate grasp of key integral concepts. Current research and criticism is welcome. The Academic stream is peer reviewed in the traditional manner with an Academic Committee, which is comprised of international scholars.  

Present the use of integral theory in different areas of life, or developing new theoretical contributions. How is integral theory applied in diverse felds of practices like psychology, spirituality, coaching, business, organizational live, medicine, ecology, business, politics, gender issues, arts, etc. Refelcting on the current societal and political state of Europe and the world.

Let’s not only think together but experience playful or deep transformational group processes, we-space practices. With psychotherapeutic refinment and spiritual depth, using constellation, psychodrama, somatic work and dance we explore how to be together in new integral ways, “second-tier, “level 6”, “yellow”, „teal“, etc.

Art is more than just decoration or design, it is a powerful gateway to transform our consciousness transmitting the state of consciousness of the skilled artist, challenging our identity, opening up new horizons or confronting us with the immediacy of our subjective experience. Art, painting, music, spiritual chants, perfomance.

Teal (Integral) organizations track. This time we put a special emphasis on the topic area of emerging integral or “teal” organizations as key drivers for transformation across many areas of society. A team organized by ‘Enlivening Edge: News from Next- Stage Organizations’ will curate this track.

Present your work from various tracks in the form of a poster. It is visible all the time. Summarizing your work on a poster and have people see it for a whole week! Posters will be hanged on display walls on the way to the restaurant so everybody will pass them. The IEC therfore features a constant poster-exhibition.

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