Join us for this once in a lifetime experience !

Right after the Regathering we fly to South Africa!

Storytellers will guide us on an incredible journey ‚ÄĒ visiting local tribes experiencing African spirituality, going on safari, visiting Mandela‚Äôs places ‚ÄĒ all with an integral group from around the world.

Up From Eden, our integral caravan’s journey will culminate at the Cradle of Humankind official UNESCO site¬†where the 1st Integral African Conference will start with our visit!


28 May – 5 June (8 days)


28 May – 7 June (8+3 days)


The IEC Regathering + The Tour + The IAC See details of the IEC Regathering

28 May - Arriving in South Africa, Setting the Tour Mindset

The Glenburn Country Lodge – Opening group with Dr. Loraine Laubscher, Dr. Nceba Ndzwayiba, Dr. Vusi Vilakati and Dr. Rica Viljoen, Bence Ganti, and √Ėrs Horv√°th.
Conversation about Spiral Dynamics in Africa, Why Desmond Tutu named South Africa the Rainbow Nation, and a traditional South African braai dinner.

29 May - Cultural Immersion: Beige, Purple, and Red Sites

We will visit culturally engaging sites in Johannesburg and see healthy forms of beige, purple, and red rarely seen in the modern West. In the evening, we’ll enjoy Zulu drinks, jolof rice, salads, Mozambican smoked fish, Nigerian melon-seed sauce, and other culinary delights (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) at our special Nelson Mandela Square dinner.

30 May - Understanding the Blue/Purple Paradox: The Apartheid and Mandela Museums

We enter the apartheid story and walk in the footsteps of Mandela. Spiral Dynamics was developed here, and now we will have an embodied, first person experience, breathing and feeling the vibes, meeting elders who were there with Mandela and Beck, understanding how it all happened. Evening program: Discussion about African Spiritual Consciousness, led by Dr. Vilakati, local-born African leadership expert.  

31 May - Flying to Cape Town

After a morning session with Doing Human Better on Doing Human Differently, experiencing green and yellow in Africa, we fly to Cape Town, where we will stay at Protea Hotel by Marriott Came Town Waterfront Breakwater Lodge.


01 June - Robben Island: Cauldron of African Philosophy at Mandela’s Prison

A visit to the prison, the cauldron in which Nelson Mandela‚Äôs powerful yellow statement was brewed after 27 years of captivity: ‚ÄúNever again in this country will a minority group be suppressed.‚ÄĚ Experience the vibes of the place and be awestruck by the sweeping vistas of ocean, mountains, and the green lands of Cape Town, while you stand on the southernmost tip of the African continent.

02 June - Experience an African Safari at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

A full-day Mabalingwe safari in open 4 x 4 safari vehicles. Experience the adrenaline rush of the close encounter with freely roaming wild lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos, rhinos and other species! Savor Africa’s untouched ancient nature as it was in the old times. Enjoy the truth of nature, and the beautiful sights you can also capture in photographs.

03 June - Tribal Africa: Visiting and Sleeping at the Purple Pedi Tribe!

With permission from the tribal leader, we will drive to the Tzaneen region and visit a local tribal village ‚ÄĒ a place you can‚Äôt google. They are waiting to greet us with a welcoming ceremony with Pedi elders. We will stay here in local houses and become part of the village rhythm of life for a day and a half,Experience how 85% of South Africans live, in tribal villages where the purple realities of family, relations, and humanity are most important. Reconnect with your most ancient layers of self in this timeless environment! Local translators will be arranged for communication.

04 June - Local Shaman Visit and Big Tree Storytelling

Experience the local craft market. Spend the evening at Magoebaskloof Ruskamp, lying serenely in a beautiful fertile valley about 25 km from Tzaneen. Breathtaking views from the thatched a la carte restaurant make eating here a memorable experience.

While we are in the village a visitaion to the local sangoma (african shaman) is possible. You can spend some time with the traditional healer who practices in indigenous ways, including trance, bones, divination, and traditional healing. One can also get traditional medicine for personal use and recieve insight or guidance from the visit.

After the village we are heading to a turely spectacular natural wonder, the world’s biggest Baobab Tree! The Sagole Baobab, Muri kunguluwa (tree that roars), is the largest baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) in South Africa and the world. It is located east from Tshipise, in Vendaland, Limpopo Province. This giant has been carbon dated as 1,200 years old, but many local people believe the tree is much older, more likely 3,000 years old. This longevity together with its strength have given the baobab symbolic value throughout history. Many indigenous people believe the spirits of their ancestors inhabit the baobab and hence the tree often plays a central role in ceremonial rituals and sacrifice.

Inspired by the Integral European Conferences and by the tour that brings representatives of that community to Africa, local integralists felt the time was ripe to make their longtime dream come true: organizing the 1st Integral African 3-day conference! Join us to crown our journey with this integral feast Up From Eden, located where scientists believe we all come from, the Cradle of Humankind Archeological Cave site.

Exact program to come!

The Craddle of Humanity UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site
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