MetAware Scientific Methodology

Scientific Methodologies grow up. Their developmental trajectory includes qualitative measurements popular at the 3.5 Achiever stage, to qualitative descriptions at the 4.0 Pluralist stage, to mixed methods at the 4.5 Teal stage. But what kind of methodology evolves into the MetAware tier of development? Advanced states are required to access the MetAware stages in addition […]

The Chain of Portals to the Omnidimensional Self

Integral Wizard/ presents: “The Chain of Portals to the Omnidimensional Self” Integral Wizard was literally born from love found in hell and could be seen as the unitive counterbalancing force of duality. The Chain of Portals contains the following with increasing amount of detail: high causal love-based/ unitive mother beacon/ layer zero; low causal […]

The Perfect Storm in Business/Industry 4.0

Why today’s leadership is not enough to solve tomorrow’s problems.  Perfect storms are a rare combination of circumstances that combine to drastically aggravate an event. Recent crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Russian invasion of Ukraine, have resulted in a mixture of political, economic, and societal shifts in every sector globally. Industrial scale changes have […]

Why Global Tech Movements Need Integral 2.0 Lenses

The coming decade of technological emergence will carry with it as much ethical impact as it will material offering. No corner of the earth will be able to avoid the coming challenges and questions. Integral theory has been anticipating these realities for more than two decades. Yet little has been done in practical terms to […]

myOS Brain Computer Interface for Meditation

Presentation and group demo of the myOS Brain Computer Interface for Progressive States of Consciousness. This presentation is a 10 min talk and 10 min artistic experience of the myOS neurofeedback meditation paradigm for one or more volunteers as well as for the entire audience. myOS is using measures of brain-activity (multi-channel EEG) and data-visulaizations […]

Next-Stage Organizations: A Transdisciplinary Case

The essence of this transdisciplinary case study was to provide a methodological foundation and method for researching Next-Stage Organizations, as well as to explore the correlation between adult and organizational development and the efficacy of using O’Fallon’s STAGES to assess an organization. Three Founder/CEO’s from Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations completed STAGES assessments. Organizational data was gathered […]

Rediscover your Love for Nature through Eco-Games

The World is changing, Climate Change is a real threat and we need to do something about it as soon as possible. In my opinion, the first step to awake people is to let them realise how amazing and beautiful Nature is. If everyone falls in love with our Planet, the urge to regenerate and […]

Neuroscience Behind the Stages

In the past few decades scientists have discovered a huge number of new facts regarding to the operation of the nervous system. A lot of them fit well into the upper right quadrant of the AQAL system. Some of these are described in the presentation. On the successive Wilberian levels, new structures appear in the […]