Discover Your Purpose at Tier 2 Consciousness

Awakening planetary consciousness starts with individuals like you and me. It starts with awakening our purpose in life. But the question is: Do you know what your life purpose is now? And how does it need to evolve to bring about the kind of change necessary for this global shift in consciousness? Well, as you […]

The Six Dimensions of Purpose & Tier 2 Awakening

As you know, life is not one-dimensional, and neither is your purpose in life. In fact, it shows up in multiple dimensions as an integration of AQAL quadrants, levels, and lines of development. The Six Dimensions of Purpose is a framework for discovering purpose in life. When used with integral theory, it is a powerful […]

Breakthroughs and Blindspots of Big Tech in Teal

Many “Big Tech” corporations attract engineers by prioritizing their employees’ well-being as well as productivity. Some have even adopted Teal culture (LL) and practices (LR) for human-centered collaboration at scale. For example, cultures that value psychological safety uncover more – and more diverse – perspectives when brainstorming and problem-solving.   Google’s engineering organization is arguably the […]

4 Quadrants of Dragon Dreaming and Medicine Wheel

The Dragon Dreaming (DD) mandala holds enduring wisdom from the Purple era of the Australian Aborigines. Walking the mandala’s four quadrants can help us to see and meet ourselves and each other. It can reveal how we walk with differences in our communities, and how our natural differences have been shaped by powerful contemporary and […]

La Alegría del Viaje Personal

¿Quieres aportar a un legado de consciencia integral a las próximas generaciones? En este taller intensivo vivirás un viaje de reconocimiento y reconciliación con aspectos fragmentados, polarizados y excluidos de nuestros orígenes colectivos y de tu historia personal. Podrás liberar tu energía para atender tu momento presente con mayor vitalidad y conexión con tu propósito […]

Relating with Intimacy, Maturity, and Wholeness

What if tensions in relationship are invitations into a greater wholeness and degree of intimacy with self, other, and life itself, rather than a problem to be resolved?  “We may have this conflict because we need to recover our truer complexity.” – Robert Kegan In this workshop, we’ll practice in real time with relational tensions. […]

Integral Nonviolent Communication

This interactive workshops links the developmental stages of the integral theory with nonviolent communication in new ways. Nonviolent communication is a powerful approach for understanding and solving conflicts and has been successfully applied in global conflicts.  The Integral Theory and it’s stages of development provide orientation for our complex world. Combining NVC and stages of […]

Integral Emergence

This workshop is an experiential dive into holding, catalyzing, and curating individual and collective emergence. We draw from 20 years of experience engaging with transformative learning and development in response to our challenging times. Inquiries include: what does it mean to embrace the unknown, the unwanted, and/or the impossible? How can we attune to ourselves, […]

From Hunter to Hero, from Princess to Visionary

Explore the depth of your Selves. Come along on a playful, yet deep and transformative journey of self-discovery and community building facilitated by the Selves card deck. Bring a question, a conflict or a dilemma, see yourself reflected by familiar characters, and unfold your answer by playing the game of Selves. Selves consist of 54 […]

Awakening Interbeing: A New We

Come get a taste of Awakened Interbeing, where the relational field wakes up to itself, as us.  In this experiential workshop, we’ll engage in a handful of different practices to open this emerging spiritual experience: pointing out instructions to ground in awareness and awakening; relational practices to open awareness to the space between us; and, […]