4 Quadrants of Dragon Dreaming and Medicine Wheel

The Dragon Dreaming (DD) mandala holds enduring wisdom from the Purple era of the Australian Aborigines. Walking the mandala’s four quadrants can help us to see and meet ourselves and each other. It can reveal how we walk with differences in our communities, and how our natural differences have been shaped by powerful contemporary and […]

Integral Bioregional Regeneration: Italy & Beyond

Since the awakening of the 1960s, people and projects around the world have been continuing to practice holistic forms of personal and collective development and new norms of the Interior and Exterior We. Currently, we are in a “next level” era of Integral awakening: in the synergy of Web3 leaders living and working with somatic, […]

La Alegría del Viaje Personal

¿Quieres aportar a un legado de consciencia integral a las próximas generaciones? En este taller intensivo vivirás un viaje de reconocimiento y reconciliación con aspectos fragmentados, polarizados y excluidos de nuestros orígenes colectivos y de tu historia personal. Podrás liberar tu energía para atender tu momento presente con mayor vitalidad y conexión con tu propósito […]

La alegría del viaje compartido durante la terapia

¡Te invito a explorar una forma de disponer tu conciencia para ayudar con profundidad y celebración! El espacio relacional es un importante campo de prueba de nuestra evolución de conciencia y las relaciones de ayuda personal, como la terapéutica, son una oportunidad para promoverla. En un encuentro de este estilo, uno de los participantes pide […]

Relating with Intimacy, Maturity, and Wholeness

What if tensions in relationship are invitations into a greater wholeness and degree of intimacy with self, other, and life itself, rather than a problem to be resolved?  “We may have this conflict because we need to recover our truer complexity.” – Robert Kegan In this workshop, we’ll practice in real time with relational tensions. […]

Silent connections .. because talking is overrated

Silent Connections Connection in stillness, being a witness, metaphor for timelessness. Allowing to be with the other, a reflection of ourselves. Witnessing allows for a meeting in presence, recognising the other as you. Being the body, space, environment and relationship that we are. Connection with our hearts, metaphor for our relationships in this moment. Sensing the depth of […]

Awakening Interbeing: A New We

Come get a taste of Awakened Interbeing, where the relational field wakes up to itself, as us.  In this experiential workshop, we’ll engage in a handful of different practices to open this emerging spiritual experience: pointing out instructions to ground in awareness and awakening; relational practices to open awareness to the space between us; and, […]

Awakened Interbeing and The New We

To speak about a planetary awakening, we need to be conversant with how a group, and a relationship, can wake up, in a way analogous to how an individual can.  I’ll be talking through my take on Awakened Interbeing (We Space) as an emergent, relational awakening practice after more than ten years practicing and leading […]

The Shadow Side of Planetary Awakening:

We love individual awakening for the planet. We love planetary awakening for the individual. And we love collective awakening in general. But what is the shadow side of all this “awakening”? In this dynamic workshop, Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta team up once again to explore the science and mysticism of evolutionary awakening. But, of […]


In this workshop, you will learn about debts ie. debt karma, experience a group energy-clearing of debt patterns and have a chance to receive mini 1-1 session. Debt patterns manifest as unpleasant emotional intensities and unwanted events in your life. Debt karma is a specific type of vibration that originates from the victim game, the […]