ADAM, Ralf


Ralf Adam is Psychologist and Psychological Psychotherapist working with behavior therapy, therapy based on depth psychology, Adult & child and adolescent psychotherapy, group therapy practicing procedures. His other areas of focus are: gestalt therapy body psychotherapy Holotropic Breath Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, EMDR trauma therapy, couples therapy and mindfulness-based therapy sex therapy.
He ist member of: State Chamber of Psychotherapists Baden-Württemberg, BDP professional association of German psychologists, dgvt-bv professional association of psychosocial professions, BVPPT professional association for counseling, education and psychotherapy, dgvt German Society for Behavior Therapy e.V., DFT German society for depth psychological well-founded psychotherapy, SEN Spiritual Emergence Network / Network for spiritual development and crisis support.
His spiritual path is that of a tibetan buddhist.
As circle lead of the circle “shadow” within Integral Forum e.V. he develops solutions for shadow work at the focal point of individuals, roles and organization within a non-profit whose purpose is the dissemination of integral theory and practice.