BIERI, Leonidas


Leonidas Bieri holds a master degree in history and geography (with a focus on their economic aspects). He has a diploma as a Swiss academic high-school teacher and is working on this field with adolescents between 13 and 20 years since more than ten years. With Integral Coaching Canada he became an associate coach to better respond to the needs of his students and co-teachers. At the moment, he’s studying in Terri O’Fallon’s “The Mind’s I” course to deepen his pedagogical knowledge.

His interest in history is to better understand where we as humans come from and according to which principles our cultural evolution is unfoldigng – or coming towards an apparent deadlock at the moment. In that regard the theory of spiral dynamics has been a very useful framework. Over the years he has collected many examples from history that he is able to relate to the different value systems of SD. All this knowledge is coming together in his current book project.

Privately, Leonidas and his partner are living in Zurich with their children. He loves the company of humans and the solitude in nature.