Russia / Israel

Doctor-Psychotherapist, psychophysiologist,MD, aerospace faculty of the Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg
Individual and Family psychotherapy, MAPA, Bekhterev institute, St. Petersburg
Integral Coaching, Coaching Institute, DanaCarmanIntegral, USA
Depth Coaching, International Academy for Deep Transformation
Coaching of couples, Erickson Col.International,
Family Business Consulting, Carmel Institute for Family Business, CA, USA
Process-oriented approach in counseling, Institute for Process Work, Zurich
and team and community facilitation, process-oriented leadership, DDI
Generative Coach, IAGC,California

Specialization – Supporting programs for the Integral Development of People, Teams and Partnerships in Pairs, Family Businesses and Organizations.
Since 2000 in the practice of individual and group work, facilitation.
In partnership, he created a floatation laboratory for research of creative abilities of a person, therapy and development of partner potential.
Point of interest:
How strong partnerships and communities are built to be, to create, to love and to leave a legacy
Integral approach and Transpersonal view.