Morocco / France

I’m a scientist, a writer, a fool, and an alchemist. I facilitate workshops for grounded spiritual exploration. And for 8 years, I’ve been developing what I call the Faces of Spirit. A transmission that integrates Integral Theory, Islam, and the Hexagrams of the I’Ching.

I spent my first 21 years in Morocco, my birth country. I, then, studied engineering in France. And I started my career as a co-founder of “Douar” an NGO supporting sustainable development in Moroccan villages.

I embarked on an intense spiritual journey, from Islam to Evolutionary Enlightenment to Nothing. Yet my last 3 years, since Corona, were almost entirely focused on relationship and family building. That in and of itself is a whole spiritual practice.

I’m only starting to expand my social presence and services this year.

This is the draft of my website: https://thefacesofspirit.com