FEZLER, Georgina


I am currently a student of Integral Academy, and an entrepreneur working as an artist, trainer, and ontological coach. For my past 10 years in coaching and consulting, I have worked with several people of different ages, gender, sexual orientation, and who lived their life at different paces. I have always focused on what life experiences shape our character, and how learning by doing can change the direction of a life. I have a bachelor’s degree in economics, I have also been working internationally in social media as a strategist. Being a coach and a strategist has a lot in common. We look at ourselves and our environment and try to navigate from A to B. I dedicate my personal and professional life to discovering, and integrating my slow self and invite to this adventure as many people as interested. My method focuses on the areas of mindfulness, balance, simplicity, sustainability, and connection aligned with each of the four quadrants of the AQAL model and integral theory.