GREEN, Micheline

United Kingdom / Canada

Micheline Green, M.Ed, MCC  is an Integral Master Coach™ and Senior Faculty at Integral Coaching Canada. She has extensive neuroscience knowledge that stems from 25 + years of experience as a School Counselor working with children, parents, teachers, and directors in the Waldorf , Montessori and Self Design school movements. She coaches private clients from around the world in the intersectionality of Executive Leadership and Conscious Parenting.

Parenting can present as a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) challenge and many parents are flying blind relying on the old skills of the traditional parenting paradigm embedded within our culture. Parents and  Leaders of today are needing an expansion of skills, that develop both horizontal and vertical health, to face the problems presented with equanimity and compassion.

Micheline is deeply committed to creating wholeness for leaders/parents to fortify and balance both areas of their lives; home and work. Her balanced and grounded approach provides the warmth and safety every parent/leader needs to release their old patterns and step into the new way of being for our children to thrive in these turbulent times.