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Dr. Matt Kreinheder has been bringing Integral Theory into entrepreneurship for the past decade through his speaking, writing, transformational retreats, coaching and healing work.  He has helped entrepreneurs create businesses that can be amplifiers of evolution and the triple win.  As a student of the Eastern nondual traditions for over two decades with a dedication to Zen, he is now bringing that focus into his work as Director of Theology for the Temple of Wholeness – a church organization designed on Integral Frameworks and serving the spiritual but not religious. He holds undergraduate degrees in Business and Music, A Masters in Acupuncture and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Integral Noetic Sciences at the California Institute of Human Sciences and is the author of the book Awakening the Mystics – A Rally Cry for the Dormant Mystic Archetype in the Time with Need It Most.