I support organisations and individuals to cope with the challenges of complexity, to communicate the essence of their work and to increase their impact by the catalizing power of visual thinking. As a graphic recorder I capture the essence of a talk, an event or a group process through real time, live drawing.

As a visual facilitator, I support teams to implement visual tools for better collaboration and communication. I offer training and workshops on visual facilitation. As a visual coach, I support the development and growth process of teams and individuals.

I have worked for more than 10 years as a trainer, mentor and coach in a very green association. The focus of my work there has been to support young adults on the path of finding their authentic vocation. Together with my team, we have created several workbooks, manuals and educational tools to guide those in transition. We have been building amongst others on integral theory, Theory U and nature-based process work.

Based on this experience, during the past 5 years I have been developing Selves: a coaching card set built on spiral dynamics and enneagram, that help people deal with inner conflict and decision-making in their pivotal moments of life, using inner voices dialogue. I am excited to share this card set and method during IEC.