United Kingdom

Chris set up One Planet Bristol (2012-17) as an action research project. In 2015 the project was named as one of seven transforming the city during Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, 2015. Since then he is writing a book about One Planet Cities, deepening his understanding of the planetary worldview and creating a UK tour.
He started over 30 sustainability based community groups from renewable energy to street fayres, fairtrade cafe to rites of passage for young men. Via Positiva
He undertook a 3.5 year solitary retreat in the city of Bristol. Via Negativa
He works with people and organisations as a coach and as a holistic counsellor. Via Creativa.
He holds a BSc Natural Sciences, year long post grad certificate in systems thinking from The Schumacher Institute, a diploma from Holistic Healing College and is a Gene Keys Ambassador.
Chris lives in Hastings, UK by the coast and enjoys cycling, fire circles with local men and nurturing the planetary worldview. Via Transformativa.