SCHMITT, Matthias


Entrepreneurial spirit who connects deep knowledge in leadership, sales, & organizational building with the burning purpose of supporting the evolution of consciousness. At the core of my work lies the integration of a heart-centered masculinity to give rise to a compassionate femininity (both space-holders for integral traits, no attribution to gender) in business and societal leadership.

After graduating from TUM in Technology & Management in 2014 I co-founded the fintech wealthpilot – a saas platform for banks – today serving more than 100.000 customers; as well as the biggest students winter festival in Germany Skigaudi. Supporting the rise of integral investing, I founded an investment company for impact investing – paradise ventures – and also a company for coaching & training – paradise operations. 

I’m now working with entrepreneurs and leaders around the world privately, in retreats as well as in their companies bringing an integral leadership style into business and society.