Johanne is a healing artist, soul doula and conscious entrepreneur. Passionate about the power of heart, listening and presence, she holds spaces for deeper reconnection with our truth and creative essence. As Lothoniel, she expresses her love for harmony, beauty and nature through singing, music and dance. For over 20 years, she experienced many stages and collaborations around the world while guiding people in their own creative adventures and inner journeys. Her path of exploration with voice, sound and body work continuously shows her how to transmute pain into life forces. And as a voice guide and creativity coach, she inspires and celebrates people in their growth, empowerment and rebirth. Her calling is to live a path of embodied creativity, wisdom and love supported by her vision to co-create a world where we are reconnected to our sovereignty, freedom and peace. In that spirit, she is dedicated to the music, meditation and content creation at Infinity Speaks.