SZABÓ, Zoltán


I first saw a high quality whip at a martial arts competition in 2013 and I was completely blown away.

I remember what a great experience it was when, for the first time, I managed to channel the kinetic energy flowing out of me through the specially designed device, which, thanks to this, exceeded the speed of sound: it caused a sonic explosion.

Since then, I have been researching this magical tool, which appears as a healing tool in the hands of shamans, as a symbol of power in the hands of pharaohs, and as a sacred space purifier in religious systems.

As a human kinesiologist graduated from the University of Physical Education, I took my use of the whip to a professional level and helped many people learn.

After many successful domestic and international martial arts presentations and competitions, seeing the effects of the whip, as a second-year student at the Integral Academy, my attention was now diverted to something else.

Research and develop, demonstrate and teach the ‘Supersonic-Whip’ aka the ‘Supersonic Whip’ in the 4 quadrant system.