THAKORE, Abhishek


My life’s work is facilitating generative spaces, bringing interdisciplinary perspectives and helping them connect to their larger purpose on our planet.

Over the last 20 years, my life has been a coming together of three streams: spiritual growth, social work and business management. My early years began with an inner journey that manifested in 3 books I authored and in conducting personal growth workshops. Getting a degree in business management opened up consulting where I worked across a wide range of sectors. Alongside, my social journey has spanned from engaging with the UN to mobilizing grass–root change leaders across the ideological spectrum. This breadth of experience deeply informs my work.

I have a warm and cozy home in Mumbai where I live and learn with my family. Having explored 30+ countries, I feel connected to my global family and rooted in my Indianness. I’ve co–founded Blue Ribbon, an NGO that builds youth leadership for a better world.