Teresa Zimmermann, MAS is a culture decoder & weaver, adult development coach and FORBES commended business developer. As a growth catalyzer and embodied feminine, mother, lover, writer she is based in Vienna. Her initiatives hold our patterns in a safe space for depth, complexity & integration of perspectives, creating new meaning as somatic markers. Based on Kegan, with many years of Action Research, where she identified a non-linear framework about human cultural identifications along the stages of development she leads collective consciousness practice, cultural embodiments and meaning making via body intelligence. With her UN advocated initiative “our patterns” she is walking leaders home into 2nd tier consciousness. She is the founder of the collective “Wilde Wahrheit” (translating to “Wild Truth” as in the truth beyond “charted land”), which fosters the emergence of new formats to behold collective wisdom with interfaces to society, politics, economy and ecology.