IEC Best 25 Audio Pack


Wilber – Grof – Laszlo – Ganti – Laloux –– Walsh – Cook-Greuter – Beck, and many more

A fine audio selection of some of the best Ted Style IEC talks from some key influencers of the integral field!


Listen in your car or on your smartphone!

1. Ken Wilber: Integral Reflection On Europe

2. Laszlo Ervin: Why We Need Integral Thinking today?

3. Dr. Don Beck: The Spiral Dynamics Master Code in Action

4. Stanislav Grof: Making Spiritual Experiences Acceptable and Legal

5. Bence Ganti: Personal Sharing and Message from IEC founder (Opening Speech)

6. Roger Walsh: Essential Spirituality and Integral Ethics

7. Susanne Cook Greuter: Higher Stages of Human Nature

8. Frederic Laloux: Message from Laloux For IEC 2016

9. Veronica Bohac-Clarke – Doctoral Studies in Integral Theory

10. Bence Ganti: How Integral Academy Hungary Applyies Integral Principles its Transformative Adult Education?

11. Elke Fein: Vladimir Putin as a Political Leader from a German Integral Analysis

12. Cécile Cassini – Integral Politics in Switzerland

13. Elza Maalouf: Spiral Dynamics on Islam, ISIS and EU

14. Erwin van Waeleghem: Integral Teal Practices in Belgian Police Force

15. Said Dawlabani: If Capitalism is Dead, then What? Towards a New Economy

16. John Freeman: Integral Capitalism: A four quadrant, multi-level approach

17. Paddy Pampallis: Integral Ubuntu for Europe & Africa

18. Dennis Wittrock: A Message from IEC co-founder (Opening Speech)

19. Erica McKenzie: Coming Back from Death, Sharing a Direct Experience from Spiritual Realms

20. Joran Oppelt: Integral Church, The Path and Practice of Pluralism

21. Miklós Danka: A Brain Up From Eden: Wilberian Levels in Integral Neuropsychlogy

22. Yvonne Cuneo: Findhorn is Scottland – A Living a Spiritual Community Experiment

23. Gaia Orion: From Visionary Art To Integral Art

24. Harald S. Harrung: High Mind-Brain Development in World-Class Performers

25. iAwake technologies: Heart Meditation Brainwave Music (Anahata track)

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