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Projekt: The Practice of Evolution: A Life of Integral Practice

John Dupuy brings a simple message that is as powerful as it is compelling and challenging. That message is: If we are to consciously evolve into the beings that we need to be, and the best versions of ourselves, both collectively and individually, we must adopt and engage in daily, ongoing Integral Practice. John has spent over a decade doing these practices himself, creating powerful tools to facilitate this work (iAwake Technologies), and teaching thousands of people all over the world—both his beloved addicts (Integral Recovery) and those who hunger for a deeper connection to life, reality, and the creative intelligence and skills that make a positive and lasting impact on our people and our planet.

About John Dupuy:

John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake Technologies and award-winning author of Integral Recovery, has developed a passion for the power and efficacy of Integral Practice, enhanced by brainwave entrainment technology, to support individual and collective evolution in deepening spiritual practice and growth, and to facilitate increased flow, creativity, intention, and focus. John also hosts the online series Spiritual Tech Talks 2.0 and co-hosts the popular podcast Journey of Integral Recovery.


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