Title of contribution:

GALE’ – A proposed ‘organizing DNA’

Where & when:

Ibiza I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: ‘GALE’ – A proposed ‘organizing DNA’ for supporting a city and its participating organizations in realizing their full AQAL potential

Alain will introduce participants to an AQAL-friendly ‘organizing DNA’ named ‘GALE’ (Generative Action-Learning Ecosystem). In sharp contrast with our 5000-year tradition of hierarchical control-over human systems, it is a pragmatic path to a future that works for all life – a path involving the on-going metamorphosis of today’s caterpillar-like systems to unlimited potential implicit in conscious, caring, self-evolving cities and organizations.
Participants will engage with the GALE meme in a practical way that helps them see the profound possibilities implicit in consciously evolving human systems.
Alain sees ‘cities’ as the optimal level of human system for planting the GALE seed and nurturing its growth throughout its participating organizations – and for propagation throughout our planet.
Exploratory work has begun in four cities (USA & India). The cities pioneering GALE metamorphosis will do much to accelerate a graceful transition from the ‘Empire Era’ to the ‘Planetary Era’

About Alain Gauthier:

An international facilitator, coach, educator and author, Alain is dedicated to support the conscious evolution of pioneering ‘human systems’. An HEC Paris graduate, Stanford University MBA, and former McKinsey consultant, he has served for 50 years a wide range of clients on four continents. He authored the eBook ‘Actualizing Evolutionary Co-leadership – To Evolve a Creative and Responsible Society’, has contributed to five other books on leadership development, teaches at Paris II University


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