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Large Scale Revitalization of Important Acupuncture Areas

Where & when:

Toscana I.

Saturday, 26th May

Project: Large scale revitalization of important acupuncture areas in Hungary and other parts of Europe

Studies of Center for ECOintention, presented at the IEC 2016, show the importance of the energetic condition of Hungary, Central Slovakia and Southern Poland for the health of Europe. 2017 three large scale projects were developed in areas with a high transformation potential that can positively effect the present situation. The projects are in the Bükk National Park (HU), the Duna-Ipoly National Park (HU) and in the West Beskyde Mountains (P). Center for ECOintention started remote balancing of the projects in co-operation with the Club of Budapest and local guardian groups, who affirm the energy at site and direct it with their intention. The Bükk guardian group is led by Szandra Vereb and the Duna-Ipoly group by Cili Lohasz. This workshop includes the story of the work and gives an update of the development of the projects by the Hungarian guardians and Center for ECOintention. Visitors experience the energies of the projects and are invited to join the EEP in other parts of Europe.

About Hans Andeweg:

Hans Andeweg is General Manager of Center for ECOintention and author of the books ‘In Resonance with Nature’ and ‘ The Universe Loves A Happy Ending’. ECOintention is a remote healing method bringing healthy energy into organizations and ecosystems. Center for ECOintention has more than 25 years experience in applying the method in numerous projects. It offers a 4-year ECOintention vocational training. In 2016 the Europe Energetics Project was started to contribute to the healing of Europe.

Website: http://www.ecointention.com

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