VENEZIAAndrew (Belgium)

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Mind-as-Space: Intersubjective Awakeness

& Becoming Creativity

Integral Consciousness as Trans-Symbolic:

Towards an Integral View

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Tuesday, 22nd 15:30-17:00

Toscana II.

Saturday, 26th 12:00-14:00

Mind-as-Space: Intersubjective Awakeness & Becoming Creativity

In this practice we’ll explore three different orientations towards awareness: awareness as I, awareness as you, and awareness as We, culminating in a group experience of becoming creativity itself.

In this practice, we’ll be using the metaphor of mind-as-space to enter three distinct intersubjective experiences of awareness and awakening. We can orient awareness subjectively, seeing that all experiences arise in and as our awareness, we can orient awareness objectively, where all experiences arise in and as the presence of an other, and we can orient awareness intersubjectively, where all experiencing is expression of a universal and/or relational field of participation. These three interpenetrative, experiential orientations are differentiable, but not separable. Moving through them in series allows us to liberate subtle patterns of attention and identity-construction, and to re-engage skillfuly with the inseparable, unitive experience of being. This allows a group to wake up as kosmic creativity, experiencing itself.

Integral Consciousness as Trans-Symbolic: Towards an Integral View

What is Integral Consciousness? Through an exploration of Jean Gebser, Tibetan Buddhism, and We Space, this paper proposes a few fundamental constituents of any genuinely Integral View.

This paper proposes that Integral Consciousness is axiomatically Awake, and Intersubjective. Starting from Jean Gebser’s distinction between Mental and Integral, the paper introduces the process of “Reality Location”: the symbolically-mediated, embodied process of identity construction, as being the core activity of Mental consciousness. The work of Dr. Jeffery Martin provides a basis for the introduction of Non-Symbolic Consciousness, and the Tibetan Buddhist lineages of Dzogchen provide a living example of a Non-Symbolic lineage, while also contributing features of a Trans-Symbolic View. The author’s original research provides the basis for introducing intersubjective awakeness, and proposing that ‘Intersubjective Awareness Practices’ are fundamental for making transparent the processes of symbolically mediated identity. The aim is to present an Integral View: a trans-symbolic View/Practice/Fruit as the core activity of Integral Consciousness.

About Andrew Venezia

Andrew Venezia is an Integral theorist, researcher, and practitioner, in Gent, Belgium. He has a Master’s degree in Integral Theory, for which he conducted two-years of research into Intersubjective Awareness Practices. He is a co-founder of Felicity Consulting and progenitor of the practice of We/Dreaming, which draws on Tibetan Buddhism, Focusing, Integral Psychology, subtle energy, We Space, Integral Polarity Practice, and other approaches in service of birthing a culture of generativity.


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