HALVORSEN BOGO, Angela (Norway)

Title of contribution:

The Fool: Joy and Surrender                                                       

Laughing out ourselves from the higher stages

Where & when:

Wednesday, 23rd 09:00-12:00

Toscana (Main)
Thursday, 24th 09:50-11:00

The Fool: Joy and Surrender

Embodied, authentic practices and games will create connection. A deliberate permission to enjoy opens a portal to presence and connection. Through invitations in structured and free flowing impro exercises and dance, participants collectively build a field of permission. Deceptively simple clown exercises show vulnerability so our humanity is seen and we are standing in unknowing. As the workshop continues participants are invited to sense their own edges and get used to the physical feeling of moving beyond habitual patterns into the unknown. Working with the fool’s principles of allowing, acceptance and trust we will find out how to play in the unknown and with the we space. We will see the effect of ‘yes and ‘no’ on the field and find out how to open to joy in situations beyond the workshop, starting with 3 practices during the conference. The workshop is led by the Fool in the sense that Angela moves into the unknown following the group.

About Angela Halvorsen Bogo

Storyteller, clown, singer with 30 year career embodying fool archetype, internationally. Studied clown, voice, theatre and the fool with key teachers in the field. Apprenticed to an indigenous storyteller over a 20 year period. 6 years monastic life. Offers retreats and workshops to bring people into embodied, authentic connection with themselves, others, source and nature with individuals and organisations.

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