Ani Deal

(Belgium, USA)

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Kirtan: Singing together from the heart

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Kirtan: Singing together from the heart

This Kirtan morning practice with Ani will be a participative musical and spiritual journey. Kirtan – singing mantras in community – is a beautiful practice for body, mind and soul. The repetitive nature of the songs allows us to become present and enter into a meditative, healing space. The sounds of the words themselves, as well as the meaning behind them, draw us deeper into our true nature.

Kirtan with Ani honours the tradition’s roots in India and in Sanskrit, and also integrates mantras from other cultures and languages. Singing mantras from various spiritual traditions transcends artificial separations and honours the truth underlying them all – that we are life itself, nothing more, nothing less.

When we join together in song, wherever we are in the world, we bring peace and harmony into our inner and outer environment. The aim is not to sing well, but to sing with our whole hearts – to sing with devotion; to life, to love, to Spirit.

About Ani Deal:

Ani is a seeker, dedicated to discovering and expressing her deeper self. Based in Brussels, she creates and facilitates spaces aimed at bringing greater connection to self, to other and to Spirit. She is passionate about taking an integral approach to spirituality. Ani combines her lifelong talent for singing with influences from multiple cultures and traditions in leading Kirtan: community mantra chanting, a meditative experience that is both individual and collective.

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