Title of contribution:

Circling Introduction

Where & when:

Ibiza I.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Circling Introduction

Circling is a highly effective relational practice that boosts the depth in your relationships, including the one with yourself. It is a combination of meditative presence, body awareness and non-violent communication, and builds curiosity and a readiness to show up vulnerably.

We practice simply being present with what arises in the moment, both in ourselves, and in connection with other people, stepping away from story and assumption, fixing or changing. “The only place to get, is more here.” Circling allows you to express yourself fully and to be seen as you are.

The practice quickly builds relational capacity and increasing sensitivity to (and trust in) what is happening in and around you. It allows your relational blind spots to become visible, and gives you insight into your impact, your stories, how you are perceived and how you are perceiving. It is a beautiful and extremely efficient way to highlight (golden) shadows, by staying curious together.

About Anke Verhees:

I am a coach, facilitator and lover of all things human and relational. What makes people tick, makes me tick. I am passionate about supporting people in transformational processes and finding more connection to themselves and the people around them. I was lucky to be part of the first Circling workshop ever given in Europe, in 2011, where things simply clicked into place. It turned out to be the beginning of an amazing ride that has taught me so much, and still continues to do so every day.


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