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Cities as Resonant Bodies

What is needed for humanity to become

Allies of Evolution?

The Shadows of Europe Magic is in the Field. How can We Enhance Humanity’s Coherence in light of Cosmic Intelligence?

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Ibiza I.

Tuesday, 22nd 09:00-10:30

Ibiza II.

Wednesday, 23rd 09:00-10:30

Toscana II.

Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00

Cities as Resonant Bodies

This workshop introduces a somatic inquiry into the paradigm so-called “Integral City,” along with key concepts, through the empirical lens of participatory modes of We-space in practice. From the Integral vision of the human evolutionary intelligence, this session aims to provide a collaborative experiential demonstration, somatically grounded, in the aim to exemplify, through play, movement and rewiring methods, self-organizing meshworks of humans, nonhumans and more-than humans with their living environments. This real-time meshworking assemble varying degrees of somatic awareness coalescently with tensions, conflicts, resistances and matters of concern that arise around some of today’s wicked urban problems (depletion of resources, population pressure, water scarcity, energy monopoly, climate change policies, etc.), and gradually articulate enriched embodied-relational design approaches to reconfigure and restore aliveness into Gaia’s fabric of life.

SUPPORT MATERIAL: This presentation is part of a series of experiential workshops, started between Spain and UK in 2016, both at European Symposium The Art of Collaboration (www.theartof-co.com) and at London Permaculture Festival. This ongoing work goes alongside the crowdfunding campaign for the translation project into Spanish (2014), in collaboration with Integral psychotherapist Raquel Torrent, of the books: Hamilton, Marilyn. The Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive (2008); and Hamilton, Marilyn. Integral City Inquiry & Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive (2016).

What is needed for humanity to become Allies of Evolution?

Is humanity ready to be Allies of Evolution? Or will humanity continue to be Colonizers of Planet Earth? Indigenous Elders from around the world are reminding us that we need to find our own indigenous roots, re-connect with Mother Earth and all Life, and learn how to be conscious witnesses for each other so that we know who we trully are, why we are here and where we are going. Following preparatory exercises , we will do a large group constellation, asking the question to the Knowing Field “What is needed for humanity to become Allies of Evolution?”

1. Introduction to the research-project “How do we decolonize the Western Mindset to become allies — and specifically allies of evolution?”
2. Short presentation of Universal Indigenous teachings: connecting with our indigenous roots, re-connecting with Mother Earth
3. Embodied inquiry into what it means to be an ally at the personal level:
Using SCW (systemic constellation work) exercises as the practice: partner exercises
4. Embodied practice: 6 kinds of witnesses and how they impact the social field.
5. Constellating for the Collective: asking the question to the Knowing Field ” What is needed for humanity to become Allies of Evolution?”
6 . Closing circle: debriefing the constellation: what are the personal and collective messages from the field?

The Shadows of Europe Magic is in the Field.
How can We Enhance Humanity’s Coherence in light of Cosmic Intelligence?

Applying the Laws of Potentialities of Living Systems to enhance Self-Transcendence, Self Organization and Community Coherence.

The Cosmos IS Intelligence. – says Ervin Laszló in his latest book. We will explore the potentialities how we may attune with this Intelligence, so that we may co-create collective coherence that leads us to a Journey into Wholeness. For the process to be touched on we will include teachings of the metaphysical tradition supported by New Science based approaches that align with the purpose of Collective Healing-Holistic Attunement, Co-Creating Generative Spaces for the Unknown to Emerge.
We will inquire into our deeply resonating fields tuned in through our individual and regional history leading to a new awareness of what is and what might be.

1. Introduction to the project “Healing Collective Wounds and Acknowledging the Shadows of Europe seeded in ancient times, such from before BC?”
2. 2. Short presentation of the Danube culture, connecting with our European history and an aspect of metaphysical evolution.
3. Embodied inquiry into what it means to be on the Journey into Collective Wounding-the birth of compassion.
4. Practice in Mindfully Compassionate Presence: Individual and pair work and large group work based on constellating our Healing Journey towards Coherence.
5. Inquiry in the Generative Field for the Collective: our question is ” What are the learnings, soul essences that we can take with us for the Next System we are about to see emerge?”
6. Closing circle.

About Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Anne Marie Voorhoeve: founder, director, The Hague Center; director of International Club of Budapest, and Netspirit; strategist, social architect, innovative co-creator, experienced facilitator and expert in meshworking. She focuses on integral transformation of society into a sustainable world. International experience with communities, businesses, networks, organizations, technology providers, groups of politicians, NGOs. She enjoys designing complex multi-stakeholder projects.

Website: http://www.thehaguecenter.org

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