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We Are Music

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Wednesday, 23rd May

Project: We Are Music

Music is the only form of art that all of us can make. Everywhere we go – we have our footsteps and breath and voice – so the idea of rhythm and tuning is more or less common for most of us. We don’t need any special place, additional costs, education, etc. and we have our instruments with us all day long. Ist’t that amazing? We just need to stop thinking that we want to make music – as for many of us that seams to be too sofisticated. So it’s better to start from listening to the ambient that we are at and consciously making sounds. One after another. Playing with them, experimenting. We need courage & curiousity to improvise and hearing to see if we like it this way. And then in time we learn that music is not only karaoke, that our bodies can create amazing sounds – imitate percussion, guitars, trumpets or make the sound of the nature such wind or wild animals. And when we continue that with joy – one day we may wake up as professional music makers .

About Asia Pyrek:

Music composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist (just recorded a solo album in Cuba w/ musicians from eg. Buena Vista Socila Club & Afro-Cuban All Stars).
Photographer (eg. National Geographic-author of album books).
Film-maker & editor (eg. Discovery).
Numerologist (advised the heads of Polish political parties, CEOs of powerful companies, Thai Royal Family, shamans & sorcerers).
Therapist (eg. women-circles in Poland, music & numerology workshops).
Lecturer (eg. TEDx & private universities).

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