BETZ, Anna

(United Kingdom)

Title of contribution:

Transformative Listening


Surf the Enlivening Edge of the Movement


Where & when:

Marabella I.

Friday, 25th 15:30-16:10

Marabella I.

Saturday, 26th 17:00-18:00

Transformative listening for helping established organisations going Teal

Research shows that CEOs of organisations worldwide and across all sectors have on the top of their mind questions about the future of work and the future of organisations. (1) The obsolete management paradigm inherited from the 20th century isn’t delivering the answers the world needs right now.
What creates tension even in organization with teal inspired leaders is when in spite of their enlightened ideas they still behave as bosses and many employees are too used to be told what to do.
The change required will need to engage the whole person, help them recognize the hidden power of their blind spots and fears and support and coach people in the practices of self-management.
In this workshop participants will learn how transforming self and organizations are interdependent and how practising the art of transformative listening can shift peoples assumptions and behaviours. They will learn how to apply such practices in daily life and work and become re-inventors themselves.

Surf the Enlivening Edge

Enlivening Edge is an international community drawn together by a shared purpose—to nourish the evolution of the ecosystem of people, organizations and social systems “inspired by the next stage of human consciousness.” Frederic Laloux wrote about our site, “It’s a great resource to stay current and be encouraged by what’s unfolding.” That’s very much what we continue offering with this workshop, and let you peek into our projects, e.g. our Facebook group, the EE Association, our Learning Products, Community Conversations, and the formation of a social enterprise.
In this workshop, you can not only learn about EE, but also network with other readers and contributors, and help us listen to what the Teal ecosystem wants us to become. In the process you will hear surprising stories of real-world transformation, illuminated by portraits of leading practitioners, practice “ecosystems thinking” about where the movement is heading, and explore ways you can get involved with our work.

About Anna Betz

Anna’s background is in both social and health care. She works within as well as outside of statutory services and designs and facilitates workshops using a Lifestyle medicine approach for people with chronic inflammatory diseases. Her approach engages the whole person and connects them with their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual nature. In her role as editor of the health & care sector at Enlivening Edge she regularly interviews innovative leaders from around the world.

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